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Foam Spirit is one of the top three compressed sponge manufacturers in the world and offers biocide-free compressed sponges and custom foaming processes. With industry-leading raw materials and processing techniques, we can meet the requirements of any custom or retail business.

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Contact Foam Spirit for our superior compressed cellulose sponge product solutions,  quickly turn your compressed sponges challenges into opportunities.
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Biocide Free Cellulose Sponges Sheets

Pure, 0 biocide compressed cellulose sponges Sheets designed for labs, research, medical and other sterile institutions.  

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Featured Service

Compressed Facial Cleansing Sponges

All natural and Essenstials for skincare professionals and daily skin cleansing users.

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Featured Service

Compressed Cleaning Sponges

A trending niche and biodegradable cleaning sponge that’s gotten more popular lately.

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French Pop Up Sponge / Viskovita Sponge

Classic full-direction expanding sponge stick for cleaning machines and everyday stuff.

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Invest in a cost-effective, result proven compressed cellulose sponge production service

In the cellulose sponge category, compressed cellulose sponges are one of the most promising. Never has a cleaning sponge been so functional and sellable.A reliable cellulose compressed sponge production service will bsoost your business and make your application challenge easy.

As the first manufacturer to manufacture compressed sponges in China, Foam Spirit offers the most comprehensive customization and production services available. The compressed sponge manufacturing techniques we use give you the best results and are cost-effective.

Please review our compressed cellulose sponge manufacturing details below to see what we can do for you and how we can help.

Are you ready to get started with custom compressed sponges? Contact us online to chat with an experienced sponge expert from our cellulose sponge services team.

They love our compressed sponges

More than offering you #1 China compressed sponges manufacturing service, we are the best solution provider.

We’ve been buying sponges from Foam Spirit since 2013, and our relationship has developed from business partners to friends. No doubt, they’re the most reliable and cost-effective compressed sponge manufacturer in China.

Mexico Distributor

Since we’re in the biodegradable products business, after testing their samples, we placed our order with them (Foam Spirit) right away.

ECO Brand Manager

Cellulose Compressed Sponges Manufacturing services

We make cellulose sponge products with better quality and custom options. Find the right custom compressed sponges manufacturing solution for your project with us.


The cellulose sponge formula can be modified directly to create foam blocks tailored to your needs.

Cutting and Slitting

Simple horizontal and vertical cutting turns sponges into semi-finished products that can be used right away or processed further.

Diecut Foam

Slit semi-finished compressed sponge sheets or other materials into multiple shapes and sizes with a steel material diecut mould.


Make the sponges more impressive by printing your logo, slogan, or trending pattern directly on them.

Biocide Free

Not including moisturizers and disinfectants in cellulose sponges, for scientific, medical, biological, botanical applications.

Private Labeling

Design and manufacture labeled sponge products that you can sell online and offline.

User-centered, results-oriented Cellulose Compressed Sponges manufacturing service

Foam Spirit helps partners in more than 30 countries and regions find sponge solutions.

Our deep processing services for cellulose sponges are the most comprehensive on the Chinese market, and we can make custom compressed sponges for facials, skin care, cleaning, promotion, etc.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any cellulose compressed sponge manufacturing problems.

Custom raw foam is available

Color, pore size, density, toughness, etc., of cellulose sponges have never been standardized. You can re-customize the original cellulose sponge block to create an extremely interesting finished sponge.

Suppose you’re in the facial and skincare business, and most sellers sell white or pink cellulose sponges. How about black compressed sponges?

With Foam Spirit, you might have an opportunity no other company can offer, one unlike any of your competitors.

Supply semi-finished sheets to overseas suppliers

The majority of suppliers and downstream manufacturers in North America and Europe don’t have the full range of cellulose compressed sponge manufacturing processes, so they have to purchase semi-finished materials from downstream companies or foam makers.

You can count on us for semifinished compressed sponges with high compression ratios and high expansion recovery rates. We offer better sealed packaging for exported compressed sponges so moisture and mold don’t get in.

Diecut only and tooling refundable

For rapid mass production of compressed sponges in various shapes, diecut is the most common manufacturing method. Slitting the compressed sponge sheets into multiple shapes at Foam Spirit is achieved by using die-cut moulds and a special punching machine.

There are a lot of compressed sponge manufacturers in the US who charge hundreds to thousands of dollars for tooling, and there are no refunds, so there is a lot of unnecessary upfront investment.

Foam Spirit is a China compressed sponges manufacturer that makes it easy. Depending on the final product size you provide, we’ll determine the best price (usually $30, rarely over $100), and we’ll refund the mold charge once the volume reaches a certain level.

Eco Digital Printing

A printed compressed sponge is a compressed sponge product that has a printed pattern or text on its surface. It combines the sponge’s rapid expansion with the characteristics of an impressive item, making it an eco-friendly and rare promotional item.

Imprinted flat dehydrated sponges are always screen-printed or laser-printed with water-soluble inks.To help your customers receive a “WOW” experience, Foam Spirit prints its imprinted pop up sponges with high quality, environmentally friendly inks.

Biocide Free Sponges

Cellulose sponges are the most absorbent of all natural sponges, so they’re usually used for water-based cleaning. There have been a lot of uses for it over the last decade, like emergency hemostasis, food packaging, and microbial culture.

99% of commercially available cellulose sponge sheets cannot be used directly in these areas because they come out of the package moisturizing and disinfecting.

Having deep relationships with raw material manufacturers, Foam Spirit is the top compressed sheet manufacturer in China and the only biocide-free sponge supplier. We manufacture biocide-free cellulose sponge blocks quickly with low order quantities, then convert them into compressed sponges. Unlike other international suppliers, we don’t need post-purification or rinsing processes.

Private Label Manufacturing

There is a steady group of consumers who buy compressed sponges in consumer markets like beauty, household cleaning, and crafts. Compared to high tech, it has a higher reorder rate and has more consistent quality, so it’s good for retail.

Foam Spirit provides you with low-cost and comprehensive OEM manufacturing services, and we’re already a supplier to Forbes 500 and top environmental groups.

These are some common ways to make custom compressed sponges. With our full production and processing capabilities, we can handle more materials and applications. If you need additional help, please feel free to contact us.

6 reasons why Foam Spirit Compressed Sponges Manufacturing Better

Foam Spirit is the manufacturer of the most cost-effective compressed sponge sheet manufacturing solution.

In China, we capture 70% of the domestic market for soldering iron compressed sheets and 30% for compressed facial sponges.

Compressed sponges that we export to major developed markets in Europe and the United States are made from higher quality raw materials and have been purchased by top buyers such as environmental groups, giant retailers, Forbes 500 companies, etc.

Our natural & disposable compressed sponges are made of 100% wood pulp fiber, are PVA-free, and are completely biodegradable.

Finnest Pore Sructure

Perfect balance between raw material mixing ratio and temperature, more uniform.

Unlimited Colors

Long Storage of White, Natural, Yellow, Light Green, Blue, Purple etc.

+/- 2 MM Tolerance

Slight dimensional tolerances in processing, works for severe industrial applications.

Fully Expand

The size after soaking in water reaches the specifications you require, no material shrinkage.

Denser And Durable

Higher density, tensile strength and abrasion resistance than other Chinese suppliers.

Faster Delivery

2 times faster delivery than any overseas producers, and full fabrications available.

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