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There’s no doubt that cellulose sponges are the most popular natural and eco-friendly sponges, and you can use them for anything from cleaning to skincare. As a cellulose sponge manufacturing company, Foam Spirit offers foaming, fabrication, and OEM services. You get cost-effective, flexible, and efficient results in every field of your project with Foam Spirit.


A leading production company ensures your profits and reputation

Since 3M began commercializing cellulose sponge blocks, Foam Spirit has been supply a wide range of cost-effective labeling services to a variety of brands, retailers and online platform sellers.

With Foam Spirit, you’ll have more complete and flexible capability of manufacturing capabilities in the cleaning, beauty, printing, electronics, and promotional fields. Foam Spirit has all the resources it needs to become the top manufacturing company like nowhere else.

Our early involvement in the cellulose sponge business has helped us to build a mature supply chain and optimize production costs accordingly. Compared to other property entrants and cellulose sponge manufacturers in the USA, we can supply you a profit margin of up to 300%.

On the other hand, Foam Spirit is the only company that can truly makes biocide free cellulose sponge sheets and finished products in low order quantities. We are also the leading compressed cellulose sponge manufacturer in China.

Learn how our cellulose sponge manufacturing services and our elite team can solve your memory foam challenge by contacting us online or calling us at +86 137 6046 7355 for a cellulose sponge production proposal!

Capability to your brand and your commercial market

As a cellulose sponge company, Foam Spirit delivers market most qualified sponges with the best pore permeability, colorfastness, tensile strength and water absorption.In addition to quality, we boast the industry’s unmatched and leading production technology.

Techniques for fabrication

With a cellulose sponge factory like Foam Spirit, you can get industry leading cellulose sponge produce services. The techniques we use to process cellulose sponges are numerous. Below is a brief list of our featured services; if you need more information, contact us.

Foaming Production

Making original raw cellulose sponge sheets with your requested colors or pore size.

Cutting & Diecut

Perform ordinary semi-finished cellulose sponge sheets cutting or shaped finished goods for you.


Compression of size and thickness is performed to save shipping costs or for long-term storage.

TPU & TPR Foaming

Laminate scouring pads, felt cloths or other materials to meet the application needs of specific markets.

Color Infused

Provide you with labeling and manufacturing services to facilitate your branding and sales.

Fire Proof

Process production services for manufacturing special surfaces such as sandblasting or gluing.

Sponge main products production services

Foam Spirit is a leading custom cellulose sponge manufacturer. We can help your business succeed in your field with flexible cellulose sponge.

Here’s a sneak peek at our cellulose sponges:

Cellulose Cleaning Sponge Service

Because cellulose sponge is the only natural sponge that can be used for dish wash, it quickly swept the commercial and retail cleaning supplies merchandise.

From cellulose sponge sheets to sponges that have scouring pads, biodegradable and heat-resistant features have become its trademarks.

As a cellulose sponge supplier, Foam Spirit can make converting, branded service for you. The wood pulp we use have a higher density, tensile strength, and are more durable.

We do also offer cellulose sponge cloth, please inquiry us for more details.

Browse Kitchen Sponges

Cellulose Facial Sponge Service

Cellulose sponges play a big role in skincare and beauty too. It’s used by estheticians to help guests with face and body care, and even though it’s disposable, it doesn’t harm the environment. Over the past few years, businesses have started selling these beauty supplies to the general public.

We can process both non-labeled and labeled sponges, and we can customize cellulose sponges in a variety of shapes and colors to meet your various needs.

Browse Facial Sponges

Compressed Cellulose Sponge Service

The idea to use compressed cellulose sponges was to eliminate the wasteful volume of transportation that ordinary sponges produce. No one expected its rapid expansion in response to water would also be a selling point. In addition to being more unique and characteristic, compressed cellulose sponges can be processed more deeply.

Foam Spirit is the first compressed sponge maker in China. We can supply both Chinese and French materials, saving you about 45% from overseas suppliers, and have the fastest delivery time around.

Browse Compressed Sponges

Biocide Free Cellulose Sponge Manufacturing

Are you looking for a cellulose sponge plant that is free of antimicrobials and moisturizers? I’m sure the whole sourcing process can be a real hassle, but don’t worry, Foam Spirit makes everything easy.

Foam Spirit is the only factory in China that makes Biocide-free cellulose sponge. We can help you with semi-finished sheets and finished goods for your research, agricultural and medical needs.

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How come there are so few cellulose sponge manufacturers?

You might find a few websites that say things like: “we are professional sponge factories,” “we have the best sponge suppliers,” etc, but unfortunately 99% of them are fake.

Real manufacturers rarely advertise, never do conversion or private label services, and are rare to find. For example, in China, there are only 3 real makers. Regardless of the quality, they also only make sheets and sell to converters.

See below for why they’re countable:


Perhaps the main reason is because cellulose sponges also have a formula, but few engineers know how to make them. Today, most producers copy the formula of 3M.

Low capacity and high costs

Unlike polyurethane sponges, cellulose sponges cost several times as much to make. If a very minor problem occurs during the process, the whole thing gets thrown away.

Production capacity is very low. (approx 5~10 cubic meters/day), each cubic would make about 12,000 cellulose cleansing sponges.

In order to ensure the quality level, Suppliers like Foam Spirit always seek the best raw fibers, we work with farms managed according to the environmental regulations and their selection of suppliers is very strict and audit them regularly.

What does a cellulose sponge manufacturer do?

With Foam Spirit, everything about your cellulose sponge challenges gets easier. We don’t just do what you ask, we’ll help you with challenges proactively so you’re more likely to succeed at a low cost.

We can provide you with the following services:

Project Evaluation

You’ll get a quick, rationalized, functional, application recommendation from Foam Spirit. Our recommendations may be based on the foam itself, or on our 10+ years in the foam business.

You can compare our proposal with your original one and pick the best one. We’ll keep you updated on your needs and help you solve application problems.

Production Assistance

You’ll get the best cellulose sponge service with Foam Spirit. All the way from sampling to production to shipping, we’ll make sure your project is perfect.

Foam Spirit, on the other hand, is strict and we standardize our operations with tracking and KPIs.

Market News Release

What’s new in cellulose sponge technology? We’ll keep an eye on it, so you don’t have to.

Our sensitivity to technology and industry makes us the first company in China to know about industrial trends.

For your business and profits to grow, we will be the first to push you valuable information.

Import/export issues and peripheral goods

You may need sponge cloths or sponge holders when you use cellulose sponges. Foam Spirit has a stable and diversified supply chain, so we can be your one-stop sponge supplier.

We’re an export-oriented sponge supplier, so we can help with imports.

How Can A China cellulose sponge Manufacturer Help Your Business?

The cellulose sponge business has been dominated by companies like 3M’s Scotch Brite, Libman, Full Circle, etc. Most janitorial supplies companies still use polyether sponge or scouring pads, not realizing that cellulose sponge costs a lot more and has a lower threshold.
Cellulose sponge factories can capitalize on this challenge. You can expand or build your household business by partnering with producers.
The factories can provide you with a package of finished cellulose sponge solutions that can be replicated or optimized for the hottest models. With a stable and flexible supply chain, we can offer a wide range of branded products.
A cellulose sponge factory can also provide you with low order quantities and low value cellulose sponges to meet your daily operational needs if you’re in the janitorial supply business.
Our cellulose sponge ltd can also deal with your online sales collaboration, whether you want Amazon FBA delivery or Shopify dropshipping.

How to choose the right cellulose sponge manufacturer for you business

How do you choose the right manufacturer among so many?

Here are some tips.

1. Research a lot

If you want to find the perfect manufacturer, do your research.

Here are some questions you should ask during your search.

Do they charge more than other factories?

Can you call a real person when you have an urgent question?

Do top brands and companies use their products?

Are they a full-service manufacturer?

Do they have experience exporting?

Do they have a good reputation?

These questions can help you figure out if a manufacturer is right for you.

2. Work with people and companies you can trust

If the potential factory can’t meet all your criteria, having a responsible job-matching salesperson is a blessing.

Make sure the factory you’re working with doesn’t share your info: product design, business materials, etc.

3. Make sure they have a good supply chain

Stable supply chains are more important than product quality and price in an epidemic. You don’t want to run out of supplies after a successful trial order, and you don’t want to produce goods and not have them on the shelves in time for sale.

Choose a factory that can supply raw sheet, packaging, and transportation so you can avoid all risks.

4. Find out how long they’ve been around

Try to find cellulose sponge manufacturers who have been in business for at least 10 years.

When you find a manufacturer who’s been around for a decade or more, you know that they can service many customers. This is because they have delivered results for them.

If they hadn’t made great sponge products for their customers, they wouldn’t have lasted so long.

Bonus Read: Cellulose Sponge Manufacturer USA

There are some people who have a preference for suppliers. For example, some people prefer a US cellulose sponge manufacturer, but the results might be disappointing.


3M is the only true American supplier of cellulose sponge material. 3M Co used to supply raw sheets to the world, but their plant in Buffalo has stopped supplying the general public, except for Scotch Brite.

What about the rest of the cellulose sponge makers?

There are 99% processors. They import raw sheets from China and Europe, process them in the US, then label them as “Made in USA”. European wood pulp fibers are up to 45% more expensive than Chinese ones, so 70% of the raws come from China.

Why aren’t there any other cellulose sponge makers in the U.S.?

The high cost of production and investment, the secretness and scarcity of cellulose sponge formula. Furthermore, although cellulose sponges themselves are eco-friendly, the entire production process isn’t totally eco-friendly, and will require chemical reagents.

Everything becomes a math problem. You might have to pick between profit and origin preference.

90% of Foam Spirit's clients have won competitions with its sponges

Foam Spirit is a cellulose sponge manufacturer that has been providing amazing cellulose sponges for clients across industries. The result? 90% of clients had success after their first launch, and some even changed their lives.

We would love to talk to you If you’re looking for a reliable solution to cellulose sponge, whether it’s customized or branded purpose. We can make your cellulose sponge challenges easy and efficient.

Your demand of qualified cellulose sponge that are cost-effective, and we are here to assist you.

For more information about our full range of cellulose sponge services, please send an inquiry online, or call +86 137 6046 7355

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