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Foam Spirit is one of only three beauty blender manufacturers in China that uses Dow Chemical’s material, which has the finest pore structure and is identical to the original product. We offer a wide range of fabrication techniques that can satisfy any custom and private label requirements.

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Beauty Blender Manufacturing Services Explained

Foam Spirit has the most comprehensive customization and production services for beauty blender sponges in China, Our beauty blender manufacturing services include:

  • Foaming
  • Polishing
  • Logo Engraving
  • Microfiber / velvet / shimmering powder coating
  • Thermochromic 
  • Private labeling
  • More…

They love our blender makeup sponges

We can accept any comparison regarding the quality of our blender sponge products.

I’m glad my fans like the microfibered blender sponges I recommended. Finding the right supplier was time-consuming, especially with foreign ones.

Instagram Influencer

They were the same quality as those best brands on Amazon, we ordered 20,000 sponges from them (Foam Spirit) .

Cosmetic Brand

Beauty Blender Manufacturing services

With Foam Spirit, you can get better quality and customized latex free blender sponges. Let us help you evaluate and get the best custom beauy blender manufacturing solution for your project.


Polyurethane injection foam produces the original blender sponge in cylindrical or sheet form.


The blender foam is polished to a final shape blender and the burrs can be smoothed.

Logo engraving

Customized logos are added to the sponge surface by laser engraving or printing.


Direct bonding of materials such as microfiber or glitter to the sponge surface.


Create blender sponge that colors can change based on temperature using specialized additives.

Private Labeling

Design and manufacture labeled sponge products so that you can sell them directly online and offline.

Learn more about Foam Spirit Beauty Blender Sponges manufacturing service

Cleaning Tools, Washing Machines, Storage Box, Holder, Travel Case etc.

Foam Spirit is one of the few makeup sponge manufacturers in China that uses imported Dow’s Chemical raw materials and can produce cross-technology blender sponges, as opposed to 95% of Chinese manufacturers.

As well as traditional egg, gourd and teardrop shaped blender sponges, flat wedge puff sponges, and innovative flocked sponges, we offer warm color changing technology makeup sponges and freezy cool blender sponges etc.

All of them can boost your success in businesses related to beauty and give you a competitive edge.


Pore size, density, hardness, and color of your Beauty Blender Sponge are determined by foam-production, and you should be spending time on this if you want to truly differentiate yourself from the competition.

We can help you create blender makeup sponge with the utmost confidence when we combine Dow Chemical’s industry-leading ingredients with Foam Spirit’s leading foaming technology.

Sanding and molding

Original makeup blender sponges typically come in the form of cylinders or sheets. In order to complete the three-dimensional makeup sponge, a customized sanding machine is required.

Blender sponge sanding machines from Foam Spirit are compatible with a variety of semi-finished sponge sheets in various sizes. This allows you to customize any look you desire.

Logo Customization

Logos and slogans can be added directly to the sponge, ensuring maximum exposure for your brand. You may need to do this if you want a stable and long-lasting makeup business.

Foam Spirit offers both screen printing and computerized laser etching for logo processing, so you can choose the process that best meets your needs and budget.

Flocking Process

Flocking is a common process in sponge processing that is most commonly used to improve the overall texture of jewelry boxes and luggage linings.

Juno co brand created the Microfiber blender sponge to reduce the waste of foundation during traditional blender makeup sponge use. It has caused a boom in the market.

Foam Spirit can guarantee the same quality or higher than Juno Co. We can also use pure imported microfibers with ice cool effects. If you want to try it, you can contact us directly.


Thermochromic is a foaming formula based on color-changing technology that not only delivers vibrant colors, but also allows for a color change from “colored to colorless”.

Reversible thermochromic pigments can be added to foam to create not only a unique selling point for your company, but also a significant premium for your products.

Private Labeling

Foam Spirit can provide multi-package, direct-to-consumer labeling services for beauty blender sponges, and can provide blender sponge peripherals such as:Cleaning Tools, Washing Machines, Storage Box, Holder, Travel Case etc.

How and why Foam Spirit offers better sponges

As a custom sponge manufacturer, Foam Spirit considers a number of factors to ensure the effectiveness of your application and brand. A few of these include control of raw materials, control of process stages, upgrading of production technology, and marketing support to the customer.

Raw materials of higher quality

Making better products with high quality raw materials can help you build a positive reputation. It is similar to cooking a cake. The quality of the raw materials dictates the quality of the finished product.

As we develop and produce each sponge product, Foam Spirit uses raw materials that exceed market standards. Only approved materials can be used for processing and foaming. Approximately 60% of our customers find that our sponges are equal to or extremely close to the quality of the top brands and materials used in your application. This is not an option in other Chinese sponge factories.

Process Control

With a variety of sponge processing and foaming lines, Foam Spirit is a true one-stop sponge supply company. We have a dedicated sponge quality inspection and testing department, and we have a documented internal and external quality control system to ensure batch standardization.

Technology upgrades and market assistance for customers

You can always count on us, as your trusted sponge manufacturer, to help you obtain high quality sponge products that meet market demands. As part of our mission, we want to help you achieve these goals by taking your market and product insights into account and proposing market-based product and technology improvements that will help you improve market share for your sponge products, and more.

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