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In working with a foam manufacturer like Foam Spirit, you are able to quickly and easily develop innovative and qualified foam products for your niche, and help your company to stay competitive in the market.

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Our foam product specialists have provided effective foam manufacturing services to customers in over 30 countries. Whether you're a traditional brand owner, an importer, a wholesaler or a marketplace seller, Foam Spirit has you covered. Get a game plan for elite foam products with a free strategy proposal.
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Featured Service

Cellulose Sponge Manufacturing

Biodegradable cellulose sponges for commercial and industrial cleaning.

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Featured Service

Beauty Sponge Manufacturing

Beauty blenders made of hydrophilic polyurethane by Dow’s .

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Featured Service

Memory Foam Manufacturing

Products made of direct molded foaming or viscose memory foam sheets.

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Melamine Foam Manufacturing

It’s a magic eraser sponge that you clean with water only, quick and easy.

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Finest Raws Made

Unlike 70% of other foam suppliers, we not only source from Chinese industry giants, but also from overseas suppliers, including BASF, Dow, Huntsman, etc., This enables us to give you an edge over your competition.

Full Capability

The leading foam manufacturing and foam fabrication company in China, including foaming, cutting, polishing, engraving, imprinting, compression, and lamination. Meets strict requirements other foam factories cannot.

High ratings

Foam Spirit products have received positive reviews in trackable marketplaces where our customers are located, with a rating of 4.6 or higher. You will find these products in the areas of cleaning, beauty, and health.

Quality Control System

Through the all-round quality control from the inside out, including processes, systems, manufacturing procedures, documents, etc., to ensure that each piece of foam is a high-quality product.

30 + Countries

Foam manufacturer for export

Cleaning Sponge Market

Sponge is one of the most common cleaning supplies. You need high-quality, competitively priced sponges in FMCG to succeed. Foam Spirit can provide your brand with a fast and flexible cleaning sponge manufacturing service to help you dominate the market.

Our Cleaning Sponge Manufacturing

Makeup Sponge Market

The foam sponge is great for face and skin cleansing, makeup foundation and hair styling. Foam Spirit can provide unparalleled quality and a one-stop shop for your beauty and salon needs.

Our Makeup Sponge Manufacturing

Memory Foam Pillow Market

Need a memory foam pillow or cushion that isn’t available on the market? Call the leading memory foam pillow manufacturer in China, Foam Spirit. Our R&D team leader is one of the first 10 technicians in China working with molded memory foam technique. We offer consulting for more than 10 foam factories. It’s impossible to beat Foam Spirit when it comes to molded memory foam.

Our Memory Foam Pillow Manufacturing

Sport and outdoor Market

Is your business about sport and outdoor adventure? Do your customers need foam products like kickboards, foam rollers or outdoor foam mattresses? We’ll give your brand and organization customized product solutions that let your customers enjoy comfort and efficiency while they pursue their passions and freedom.

Sport and Outdoor Foam Manufacturing >

How Foam Spirit Solve your foam challenges

One Stop Foam Manufacturer

Get Foam Spirit whenever you need foam products. You can be confident that we offer more than other foam suppliers.

One Stop Foam Manufacturer

Get Foam Spirit whenever you need foam products. You can be confident that we offer more than other foam suppliers.


With Foam Spirit, you can get foam customization services that go beyond just appearance changes, but we can also update all the foam’s physical properties and formulations, which is unmatched everywhere else.

Custom Foam Service

Private Label

We offer flexible foam product labeling services, just as we did when we first started in the FMCG industry. Our supply chain and quality ensure your brand gets the most positive word-of-mouth. Create a foam product that sells well today.

Private Label Service


Foam Spirit can provide you with foam products in low order quantities or in mixed packs, and we can provide you with foam products in cross-category and universal packaging.

Wholesale Foam Products

Flexible foam solutions to build your success

The Foam Spirit company has been offering foam sponge solutions for more than a decade, gaining the trust of customers from more than 30 countries. We are now working to help you generate more value from your niche market.  

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Judy M.- Best Seller in Amazon Health Category

“Foam Spirit helped me with every step of creating my first product, from prototyping and sampling to bulk production and packaging design. They were very flexible in their services and treated me like a very valued customer.” I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.”

Foam Knowledge Base

Would you like to know more about foam sponge products or materials? Check out Foam Spirit’s Resources hub. Learn everything you need to know about foam sponge with our hand-edited articles.

Foam Knowledge Base

Foam Market Solutions

Most things we know can be done with foam sponges. Look through the industries we support or have served to see what Foam Spirit can do for you, Or get a more feasible solution or inspiration from it.

Industries We Serve

Foam Glossary

You can easily look through our foam glossary to quickly understand what each term means, providing theoretical knowledge for your foam product development, you could be a foam expert too.

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