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With flexible foam manufacturing and processing as the core, such as polyurethane foam, natural wood pulp made cellulose sponge, while processing and specializing in special sponges or other related materials such as melamine foam, scouring pad, loofah and so on.

A small investment may bring unexpected returns, and there is no better business than foam.Relying on our knowledge of the industry and the market, Foam Spirit will provide precise advice like a scalpel, allowing you to stand out from the competition and gain more benefits.

You may need a foam product specification and packaging that is different from the competition. Or you need to develop a sponge solution specific to your application.

Blender Sponges

An easy-to-use beauty sponge that can be used for facial makeup.

Compressed Sponges

Natural Expanded sponges can be used for skin care, clean.

Konjac Sponge

All plant based, super gentle facial and skin cleansing sponges.

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As part of our core business, memory foam and the cellulose sponges products are the market choices in different periods, not only they creates high profits for the majority of partners, but also promotes the forward development of Foam Spirit.

In order to better subdivide the customer group so as to provide the corresponding partners with more accurate products and marketing suggestions, we have divided the export department into two groups for better service. 

Go Memory Foam

Molded and ordinary polyurethane foam made , suitable for home furnishing, bedding, travel, automobiles, etc.

Go Cellulose Sponge

Degradable cellulose sponge products, such as cleaning brushes, compressed tablets, sponge wipes, etc.

More Reasons Choose Foam Spirit

As a leading foam sponge manufacturer , We are sensitive to new materials, fabrication techniques, and new products. 

Consistent with star brands

Products in our catalogues are using similar or consistent raw materials as those big names.

Avg 4.7/5 on amazon

Average 4.7 points on Amazon in different categories, based on 10K + reviews.

OEM / Private Label

Full production, From molded foam production to cover fabric processing and packaging.

Quality Management

Complete internal and external quality management, factory audited by Forbes top 500 companies.

Fast Sampling

Quickly produce first production sample or model protyping within 3 days, unlimited revisions.

New Model development

Effective technical and financial support to help you quickly manufacture your innovative designs.

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