From flexible polyurethane foam to natural made sponge, Foam Spirit Sponge Limited supply you with our 100% PURE premium grade raws made , industry innovative formula foam products according to your specific need, helping you convert your customers into potential sales.

Foaming Technique Innovated By Industry Giants


Your A+ Grade Custom Foam Manufacturer is here !

Still struggling searching for USA manufacturer with lower offer? It is time to change that. Through imported raw materials and unique self-contained formulate technology in the industry, Foam Spirit Sponge Limited can let you experience the same quality products in North America with less money. 


  • Imported PURE Raws
  • Formula Development
  • Prototyping & Sampling
  • Neutral packaging for trial order
  • Rapid Mold Setup and delivery
  • Custom Product Packaging Capabilities
  • Injection Mold Cost Refund
  • Competitors Models Research
  • Quality Management System
  • Excellent Sales Support 7/24/365

What is included in the Foam Spirit Portfolio ?

Whether you are a traditional offline buyer or sell on an online platform, we always have a customized solution for you.

Memory Foam Pillows / Cushions

Foam Spirit is committed to providing you with the best injection molded memory foam products in China, providing solutions for a wide range of industries including home, travel and health care.

All of our pillows, cushions and lumbar support are produced using the best raw materials from industry leading supplier German BASF, No talcum powder added. Foam Spirit is the earliest suppliers of injection molded polyurethane in China have the ability to adjust our own formulations to meet your different quality needs.

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Custom Memory Foam Pillow Manufacturer
Cellulose Sponge Category

Cellulose Sponges

Foam Spirit offer you a full manufacturing process for Cellulose Sponges, including foaming, cutting, coating, compression and printing, covering the beauty, cleaning, medical, printing and electronics industries.

Foam Spirit is leading other competitors in durability, pore structure, natural component ratio, water absorption and color fastness. In addition, we are one of the few suppliers in China make 7+ colors.

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Konjac Sponges

Konjac Sponge is currently the most popular natural face wash sponge on the market. Our konjac is made by extract from the natural konjac plant root, not injection foaming with artificial a konjac powder, pure and edible.

Not only can you pick the hot models from our existing catalogue. Same as our memory foam , we can help you develop new models or add other natural ingredients through injection molds.

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Custom Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender- Latex Free

Manufacturing use Dow Chemicals, we may be the closest quality supplier to Real Technique and Original brands. Does not cause allergies, swells when exposed to water, and can rebound quickly after being squeezed by hand.
The pores, color, shape, and density can be customized, MOQ for inventory model is 100PCS.

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Learn More about How to Private Label Foam Products

Want to learn how these products are produced?  What are the new market trends in customization?  Any new initiatives for your potential competitors? Foam Spirit shared all his experiences in our blog.

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