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Get A Foam Sample

Get inventory or prototyping samples from Foam Sprit, a leading foam manufacturer.

By sampling, you’ll find:

  • How excellent our foam quality is.
  • Look at the foam closely to determine if it will meet your needs.
  • Make calculations or explore packaging options.
  • Create prelaunch photography or ads.

Sample Policy Overview

Manufacturing and shipping of the samples are included in our operating costs. Stand for sampling charges is a business principle agreed upon by all parties, and a way to build trust for future cooperation. Moreover, Foam Spirit refuses to provide services to new buyers who are unwilling to bear the necessary transportation costs.  

Free Samples

You don’t need to pay for the samples we have in stock. You will receive our samples delivered at your door very fast after you paid the logistics costs.

Charging Samples

  • Samples require change density, appearance (Color, Shape, Pore, Size);
  • Require adding specific additives or other processing techniques.
  • Require production moulds;
  • Require imprint or labelling;
  • Outsourcing packaging material;

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are free samples completely free of charge?

    In most conditions, except for those samples that need run a production, 90% of our stock sample is always free.

    Foam Spirit does not provide shipping services, so the customer may need to arrange a pick up service from us directly, or pre-pay the shipping charges to Foam Spirit and we will ship it via our preferred logistics partners (we were offered discounts of up to 50% by official DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS, EMS, etc.).

  • What is the procedure for refunding sample costs?

    Samples under $50 will receive a 100% refund;

    Samples of $ 50 and greater will receive a 50% refund;

    Method of refund: deduct the corresponding amount from the order directly or return it in cash.

  • When is a sample fee not refundable?

    Costs associated with the delivery of samples;

    Samples are subject to additional mould costs (multiple);

    Repetitive sampling leading to severe production losses;

    Your contract does not specify a return policy;

    There was no order after the sampling;

  • Can you provide customized samples?

    Please provide design documents or references.

    Sales will get in touch with you as soon as possible to confirm all the details of the samples.

Creating a foam that does not exist on the market?

Let’s help you with it.


From online stores to industrial grade applications, Foam Spirit has the expertise and manufacturing capabilities to handle almost any foam challenge. Request a free quote today and discover why Foam Spirit is ranked as the top manufacturer of foam products in China.

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