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Foam Spirit manufacture high quality, custom made memory foam mattress toppers at an affordable price. Our team of experts will work with you to create the perfect topper for your individual needs. With Foam Spirit, you can rest easy knowing that your bedding is of the utmost performance.

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Our toppers are available in multiple styles, Whether you're looking for a standard design, or something custom-made to your exact specifications, our company has got you covered! 


A very basic and standard topper, contours and cradles you while relieving pressure points, helping you sleep better.

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Cooling Gel

The gel particle-filled topper effectively helps reduce the stuffy feeling of traditional topper for a long time.

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Multi Zone

The raised surface pattern not only enables better air circulation, but also delivers corresponding support for different human positions.

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Custom Infusion

Custom colors and scents are added to the pads for a better sleeping experience and a more unique look.

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Tailored OEM Solution For Brand And Retail Business

Want to boost your company’s visibility and sales? Foam Spirit’s OEM Manufacturing Solution is perfect for you. We test everything before shipping out, so our customers can be sure it’s safe and reliable.  

We are specializes in making custom products for businesses and customers. Our flexible approach allows us to create a customized product based on user preferences, product availability, budget constraints, environmental considerations, and end-user feedback. 

Our OEM manufacturing solution enables businesses with an edge over their competitors at affordable prices without sacrificing quality! Our team of experts uses advanced foaming techniques and skilled craftsmanship to make sure all our products deliver optimal performance while still offering great value. 

Top Notch Comfort Memory Foam Mattress Topper Solution

From pillow, cushion to mattress, We delivers industry leading innovation and capability.

We are a hospitality business and our clients expect the best in comfort. We decided to go with Foam Spirit as our mattress topper manufacturer because their quality and service was top-notch. The ordering process was simple and the delivery was punctual, making our job of providing comfortable beds much easier!

Health Product

As a furniture retailer, it’s important that we find reliable suppliers who can provide us with high-quality products at competitive prices. That’s why we chose Foam Spirit as our mattress topper supplier—their attention to detail is unmatched! Our customers are always happy with the end result.

Furniture Distributor

Custom And Private Label Bedding Manufacturing Impact Your Brand

With our cutting-edge technology, we produce excellent bedding products with your impact in mind. Our team will work closely with you to ensure your brand is accurately represented and that all of your requirements are met.

Full Sizes

Common and custom mattress sizes include twin (38” x 75”), full (54″ x 75″), queen (60″ x 80″), king (76″ x 80″) and California king (72″ x 84″).

Custom Infusions

A variety of colors and fragrances can be added, such as aloe, gel, bamboo , lavender, gel, etc. Create your own “Purple” mattress and toppers.

Custom Surface

Toppers with multiple zones, such as 7 zone, 5 zone. that facilitate surface air flow and circulation, including multi-ribbed, ring, egg crate shaped and wavy surfaces.


Fabric Options

Fabrics that meet the oeko tex 100 specification range from regular basic cotton fabrics to high-end custom-made specialty performance fabrics.

Private labeling

Flexible and innovative labeling services to delivers professional oem application solutions for your brands and applications to enhance your premiums.

Formulation Science

With our own formula research and development technology and several production lines of polyurethane products, we can customize the raw material to meet your requirements.

What are mattress topper made of?

Designed to deliver support and comfort while you sleep, memory foam toppers are made of high-density viscoelastic material. In the 1970s, NASA developed this type of material for aircraft seats, but it’s now popular as a topper. In addition to conforming to your shape and providing pressure point relief, It also helps keep you comfortable at night. By absorbing extra heat from your body, memory foam can also help control temperature.

The toppers come in many different thicknesses, so you can find one that fits your bed size or sleeping style. With special cutouts along their edges, they fit snugly onto your existing mattress without bunching or shifting, so it’s more stable and secure overall. Also, The mattresses pads are all open-cell technology – tiny little pockets in the foam that allow air to move through the entire surface area more effectively than traditional designs, enhancing breathability and temperature regulation all night.

Due to its unique properties like conforming closely around body curves and evenly distributing weight across surfaces, they offer better support and comfort compared to other types of raws used in mattresses today.

How long does the average mattress topper last?

The mattress topper is a great way to add an extra layer of support, comfort and softness to your existing mattress. It can also extend the life of your mattress by supporting a protective barrier between you and the mattress itself. But how long do these pads last?

The answer depends on several factors, containing the type of material used in the pad and its quality. Generally speaking, higher-quality toppers are made from raws will outlast lower-quality synthetic ones. In addition, some companies offer warranties on their products that guarantee they won’t wear out within a certain period of time; this is something worth looking into if you’re considering purchasing one for your bed.

In terms of how often you should replace a topper, it’s recommended that you change it every two years or so — although this may vary depending on usage and other factors. If yours is starting to feel lumpy or uncomfortable then it might be time for an upgrade! As with any purchase related to mattresses: research all features before making a decision – power rating, highest standard raws available in-house testing are important considerations when choosing which product will best suit your needs.

Overall, there’s no definitive answer as far as how long does the average mattress pad last – but with proper care and maintenance (such as regular flipping) most top made ones should provide comfortable cushioning for anywhere between five years up to ten years or more! Ultimately though it comes down personal preference; if yours isn’t giving you enough support anymore then chances are it’s time for something new!


Custom memory foam topper with Foam Spirit

We’re proud of our product innovation and strive to make sure customers are satisfied through product design, development and production processes. Our products are made from top polyurethane material that’s both resilient and long-lasting. We make sure every mattress we make fits exactly your customers’ specifications so that they’re able to sleep great every night.

If you want a topper or any other foam products that’s affordable and premium made, look no further than Foam Spirit! You can count on us to use top-notch materials and do awesome work – so your customers have a great sleep every time.

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