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At Foam Spirit, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality memory foam products that provide superior comfort and support. Our services include memory foam’s foaming, fabrication and assembling, you can trust that our products will help you achieve the highest comfort and support for achieving your best every day.

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Foam Spirit offers innovative, quality memory foam is used such as mattresses and pillows, mats and cushions. All items are made with sustainable methods for lasting comfort and durability. Check out our featured collection of memory foam made products today!


Memory foam mattresses are designed to provide a customized and comfortable sleeping experience, offering superior support for your body and pressure relief.

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Memory foam topper is an ideal way to add extra comfort and support to your mattress. It’s soft and supportive, contouring perfectly to your body for the perfect sleep experience.

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Memory foam pillow is a great way to get the perfect sleep. It molds to your head and neck for optimal comfort, providing superior support and helping reduce tossing and turning throughout the night.

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Memory foam cushion provides superior comfort and support for your body, allowing you to relax in any position.

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A quality-assured and comprehensive manufacturing service provider

Foam Spirit is a comprehensive memory foam manufacturing service provider that offers superior quality products at competitive prices. Our experienced team of experts use the latest techniques to ensure an efficient and effective manufacturing process for our polyurethane foam products.

We guarantee that each product we produce meets the highest standards, from start to finish. Additionally, our production methods help reduce costs associated with memory foam production without compromising on quality or safety. Foam Spirit has an impressive track record in producing high-quality memory foam solutions for a variety of applications, making us your ideal partner when it comes to creating customised solutions tailored to your needs.

Our basic memory foam foaming techniques include:
  • Continuous Foaming
  • Injection Mold Foaming
  • Rigid Skin Foaming
  • Co-foaming
  • etc…


They love our memory foam

Our clients love our custom memory foam products and services for their unbeatable quality, fast turnaround times, and personalized experience. Get superior results with Foam Spirit’s exceptional customer service and top-notch memory foam manufacturing!

We are a bedding product distributor and we have been working with Foam Spirit for several years. Their custom memory foam products are always of the highest quality and they always deliver on time, no matter how tight our deadlines may be! We would recommend them to any company looking for reliable and professional services.” 

Co Founder
Bedding Distributor

As a foam fabricator, we have had the pleasure of working with Foam Spirit to purchase memory foam sheets for our finished products. We’ve been consistently impressed by the quality and consistency of their products, as well as their great customer service. They make it easy for us to get exactly what we need at an unbeatable price. Highly recommend

Foam Fabricator

Our Memory Foam Production Process

At our company, we use cutting-edge technology to produce top quality memory foam products that provide unparalleled comfort and support. Our control of details from 0 to 1 is the key to helping you build a successful memory foam product.

Formulation development

Independently develop and modulate the formulas you need for porosity, firmness, density, color, resilience, waterproof or flame retardant properties, mix and match.

Production method determination

Depending on the form and application path of the final product, the production method is determined, including and not limited to traditional continuous foam or injection foam.

Drawing & Quick Protyping

We use plaster or polystyrene pellets to design prototypes for pre-production evaluation and revision, further reducing non-essential upfront investment.

Foam Production & Fabrication

The semi-finished products of foam are produced through Foam Spirit’s multiple flow foaming lines and a full set of leading domestic processing machinery.

Fabric processing & Packaging

We process custom-made or custom-ordered fabrics through the Foam Spirit tailoring team to complete the finished product. Labeling and packaging operations are performed according to customer requirements.

QC Inspection

Product quality inspection actually runs through the entire production of foam, and we will carry out random inspection of final product shipments before shipment.

We deal with everything memory foam made

No matter what your industry application is, Foam Spirit can provide you with a borderless memory foam solution. Please review the categories below, or contact Foam Spirit’s dedicated team to assist you with your product development.

Products: Pillow Manufacturing

The memory pillow is one of the best-selling foam pillows. With its temperature-sensitive deformation properties, it’s particularly beneficial for the cervical spine and head, and has a favorable reputation in general.

Bringing your brand and consumers high quality sleep pillows is easy when you partner with Foam Spirit. You can get zero pressure pillows from Foam Spirit that are commonly cut and molded, covering a wide range of people’s needs.

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Products: Back And Seat Cushions Manufacturing

Are you looking for a reliable and professional memory foam seat and back cushion manufacturing service? At Foam Spirit, we understand the importance of having quality pads that provide comfort to your customers. Our custom-made memory foam seats are designed with body heat regulation in mind, ensuring that they remain comfortable regardless of how long they’re used. We use high density foam which is resilient yet supportive enough to provide optimal comfort while being durable enough to last through multiple uses. 

For those seeking a comprehensive solution to their support needs when it comes to making chairs or other furniture pieces more comfortable – look no further than Foam Spirit! contact us today at Foam Spirit so we can help get started on meeting all your needs!

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Products: Mattress Manufacturing

We understand that when it comes to mattresses, buyers have high standards and expect only the best. That’s why we offer a range of memory foam options designed specifically for different needs and budgets. Our unique ability to customize our products allows us to meet any buyer’s specifications while still delivering industry-leading performance at competitive prices. 

When you choose Foam Spirit as your mattress manufacturer, you can be sure that everything from raw materials selection to finished product delivery is done with care and attention to detail.

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Products: Topper Manufacturing

Toppers are used in mattress beds to provide added support and comfort, especially for those who need extra cushioning. Viscoelastic foam is often used as it adapts to the body’s contours for optimal pressure relief. 

Foam Spirit provides a specialized manufacturing service of memory foam toppers that can benefit B2B buyers looking for high quality products. Utilizing viscoelastic material, their custom-made memory foam toppers are designed with superior breathability, durability and temperature regulation properties that ensure maximum comfort for your customers.

If you’re interested in working with Foam Spirit’s experienced team of engineers and designers to create the perfect memory foam mattress or mattress topper solution, get in touch today! They will work closely with you every step of the way so you can deliver top-notch products that meet all expectations.

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Products: Pet Bed Manufacturing

Do you own a dog? If so, you know how important it is to have the right sleep area for your furry friend. A quality dog pad helps provide comfort and support while also helping keep them warm in cold temperatures. With Foam Spirit’s memory foam dog bed manufacturing service, your business can benefit from the highest-quality materials and construction techniques that will make sure your customers’ four-legged family members get just what they need for a good night’s sleep.

Foam Spirit provides outstanding quality when it comes to memory foam pet cushion, custom designs with superior construction techniques such as precision cutting and stitching that ensure maximum support and durability. Their specialized team of experts also ensures every product is tailored to meet individual requirements – perfect for businesses who want to offer their customers something special. The high density memory foam used in each product gives dogs of all shapes and sizes exceptional supportive while providing long lasting comfort throughout the night. 

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Products: Memory Foam Bath Mat Manufacturing

Bath mats have been used for centuries to create a comfortable, inviting environment in any bathroom. Not only do they add softness and warmth to the space, but they also provide an extra layer of safety when stepping out of the shower or bathtub. Foam Spirit is proud to offer manufacturing services specifically designed for B2B buyers who are looking for high-quality memory foam bath mats at an affordable price.

Our memory foam technology uses specially formulated foam cells, The multi-layer construction provides superior comfort as well as excellent durability so that your customers can enjoy their Foam Spirit Memory Foam Bath Mat for years to come! 

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Products: Memory Foam Earplugs Manufacturing

Earplugs are essential tools for noise reduction and protection. They can be used in a variety of settings such as factories, construction sites, music concerts, movie theatres, and more. Earplugs offer great comfort while blocking out loud noises that may cause hearing damage or just make it difficult to concentrate. 

At Foam Spirit we specialize in producing high-quality memory foam ear plug designs that are comfortable yet effective at providing long-term protection from loud sounds and environmental noise. Our manufacturing process also allows us to customize designs based on your specifications; meaning you get exactly what you need without sacrificing quality or performance. Furthermore, our team is always available to answer any questions related to the production process so you have full control over every step of the way.  

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Products: Memory Foam Shoe Insoles Manufacturing

Memory foam shoe insoles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for people seeking comfortable and supportive footwear. The unique properties of memory foam make it ideal for providing a cushioning layer between your foot and the ground, reducing pressure on sensitive areas of your feet while still offering support. With our comprehensive range of materials, we can provide customized solutions to meet any customer’s individual needs.

If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help you create superior memory foam shoe insoles that will stand up to rigorous use, then look no further than Foam Spirit! Reach out today and let us show you how our industry leading manufacturing services can benefit your business.

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At Foam Spirit, we are a formula development, manufacturing, processing and R&D company dedicated to providing innovative solutions for our customers. Our product capacity is extensive and covers a wide range of industries. We strive to create unique products that meet the needs of our partners through close collaboration and expert knowledge in foam technology. Whether you need custom formulations or specialty process orders, we have the experience and capabilities to provide reliable service with superior quality results. Together, let’s explore how our expertise can help your business reach its goals.

Learn what is memory foam and its benefit in bedding

Memory foam is polyurethane foam with additives made, it has been developed for use in the mattress related industry. Developed by NASA, memory foam was originally created to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. Since then, it has found its way into many home furnishings applications such as mattresses, pillows and mattress pads.

Memory Foam is a flexible polyurethane and open-cell structure material that molds to your body shape when you apply pressure and heat to it—this makes it ideal for use in sleeping products like mattresses, toppers, and pillows because they can provide superior comfort while relieving painful pressure points on your body during sleep.

 What Is Memory Foam

Memory foam is a viscoelastic polymer material that was first developed in 1966 by scientists at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View California. It was designed specifically with astronauts’ needs in mind: the goal of the first memory foam material was to create a material that would reduce some of the extreme g-forces experienced during takeoff and reentry into Earth’s atmosphere ( pressure on astronauts’ bodies) by evenly distributing their bodies weight across the surface area without creating any uncomfortable “pressure points” where too much force could be concentrated on one part of their bodies. The research team had discovered how certain chemical compounds called monols and polyols reacted under different temperatures; this reaction produced a unique open cell structure which allowed them to develop what would later become known as “memory foam” or simply “viscoelastic memory foam.”

This special kind of viscoelastic polymer enables materials made from it (such as mattresses) to respond both quickly yet slowly when compressed — providing superior comfort for users due to its ability mold itself around body contours without bottoming out or causing discomfort from excessive firmness/softness levels.

Benefits of Memory Foam in Bedding Applications

 The benefits associated with using memory foams products are numerous; these include improved sleep quality, durability & longevity, motion isolation & hypoallergenic properties among others: Advantages of Using Memory Foam In Bedding

Comfort And Pressure Relief -Comfort And Pressure Relief -Since memory foams were initially designed with astronauts’ needs in mind – namely reducing uncomfortable pressure points caused by gravity forces – this same concept applies perfectly well when used within bedroom & other related items such as pillows etc.. As mentioned above due its open cell structure design ,when compressed under certain pressures it will retain its original shape after released thus allowing user’s bodies be comfortably cradled while asleep without having any pain points being struck against hard surfaces underneath them.

Improved Sleep Quality -Research conducted over several years have proven time again that using high quality memory foams greatly improves overall sleeping experience compared those who don’t use any form whatsoever: resulting factors include not just improved physical relaxation but also mental clarity on waking up due reduced tossing & turning throughout night.

Durability & Longevity Since memory foams are made from polyurethane based ingredients that have been carefully blended together with heat and pressure, resulting material is extremely durable compared to traditional spring or coil mattresses which tend to degrade over time due their internal components being worn down by regular use. So when choosing a mattress it’s important make sure your choice contains at least some percentage of quality memory foam as this will ensure maximum lifespan while providing best value for money spent.

Motion Isolation Memory foams provide excellent motion isolation due its open cell structure; since each individual cell acts independently, any movement on one side of bed won’t affect other areas like it would do if using springs/coils within mattress core (which can cause partner disturbance). This makes memory foam perfect not just couples but also families who share same sleeping area as kids etc..

Hypoallergenic Properties -Due special properties found within viscoelastic polymer materials used in production of memory foam ,it has natural anti-microbial & hypoallergenic qualities which greatly reduce allergic reactions caused by dust mites / pet hairs etc… making them ideal choice those suffering from allergies or asthma related issues.

Temperature Regulation Due its ability retain body heat without creating excessive warmth,memory foams are becoming increasingly popular among many households as they help maintain comfortable temperature throughout night.

Low Maintenance Requirements -Unlike traditional spring/coil mattress is made where user must regularly rotate & flip in order extend their life expectancy ,this isn’t necessary when using high quality memory foam products like the Tempur-Pedic® mattress range because they don’t require flipping. All you need do occasionally is give surface light vacuum clean remove dirt particles buildup and that’s all! 

Memory Foam remains one of most popular choices for people looking better sleep experience comfort durability longevity motion isolation hypoallergenic properties temperature regulation low maintenance requirements—and thanks NASA ’s research into viscoelastic polymers, world now enjoys benefits associated with these unique materials usage everyday. Whether you’re an astronaut looking safer journey through outer space, sports enthusiast wanting more effective protection against impacts during training sessions medical patient needing relief from painful pressure points after surgery—the chances are you may already be benefiting from what was originally intended improve safety aircraft cushions!

Choose Foam Spirit As Your Memory Foam Products Manufacturing Partner

When it comes to manufacturing memory foam products, you want to make sure that you are working with an experienced and trusted partner. That’s why choosing Foam Spirit as your partner for your memory foam product needs is the perfect decision. We have been developing our own unique memory formula for years and specialize in full production from foam block producing to injection molding manufacturing. Our products are also compliant with Certipur standards, so you know that they meet all safety requirements. 

 So when it comes time to choose a reliable manufacturer who knows exactly what they’re doing – look no further than Foam Spirit! Let us help bring your vision into reality today!

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