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Memory Foam

0 Calcium Poweder Added Memory Foam Pillow - Master Grade

Foam Spirit has been in injection molded Memory Foam since 1990s. We insist on providing PURE material made memory foam products.

Memory Foam

Industry Best Raws

Imported Huntsman, BASF

Molded Foam Pioneer

One of the Earliest producer.

Top Engineers

From material inventor.

Best Seller's vendor

Supply Amazon Top Sellers

Memory Foam 1

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After Seeing Too Many “professional ” factories Taking Advantage of People and Leading Them to Spend More or supply with Terrible or TOXIC Memory Foam Products, We Knew We had to Do Something…

Main Memory Foam Lines

Producing China’s best memory foam products. 10 years quality guaranteed.

Neck Pillows

Neck support pillow, shredded pillow, Bamboo Pillow, Gel Pillow, Trave Pillow .

Seat Cushion

Memory foam cushion for office, car, travel,memory foam back wedges.


Ear buds, toppers, futons, dog bed, bath mat, Kitchen Mat, bean bags etc.

We offer what other memory foam guys CANNOT

We are NOT like other converters who just BUY other people’s formulas to produce products in a UNIFORMED standard. Instead, we have the ability to develop the foaming formulas ourselves to meet the specific standard quality of different buyer. DO YOU KNOW SOME “FACTORIERS” EVEN CALL US FOR HELP ?

Stable Hardness

Stable in Both Cold and Warm Environment, never feels hard like rock.while in cold.

Free of bad smells

Our imported raw material ensures there's few or no harsh chemical smells.

Memory Foam 2

Nice Apperance

We will not ship any dirty, broke, shape losing, no rebound or large air pores to you.

Excellent Sewing

Experienced sewing workers who worked in China's top fashion clothing brand factory.


Create an original product model based on your artwork, save your money for simply shape confirmation, no more mould waste.

Gel Pad/ Gel Infused

Infuses gel particles into memory foam, to bring a cooler finished products.

Essence Infused

Infuses flower essencs or other material like charcoal into memory foam.

Foam Color

Change Any colors you want like yellow, black, blue, purple, grey and so on.

Formula Adjustment

Extremely strict standard on hardness, density, or other super complicated processing process? Well, we love it!

Non Temperature Sensitive

Able to produce temperature senstive or non senstive (Latex alike) per your request.

Fire Retardant

Make fire retardent foam and cover to meet with special condition,like auto,plane,ship etc.

Fabric Processing

World class finished covers with top selected fabrics from south China with finest sewings.

Profit Estimator

How much can you make with our memory foam ?

Use this profit calculator to learn your potential profit !

Which one fit you better

You can directly select the products in our catalog for direct OEM production or you can custom make an improved version beyond your competitors.

Chose from 2 options below

Private Label with Best Selling Models

No work is required from you, and no experience is necessary

Trending Models

Quotations covering different processes and uses.

One Stop

Detailed OEM solution of small investment.

0 Mould Cost

NO mold fee for choosing the models inside our catalog.

Custom Memory Foam

Create Your Own Specificed models

Tiny Mould Costs

Low mold setup cost and mold fee refund.

360 Customization

Best in Class fabrication machines . Custom every attributes of molded foam.

Fast Sampling

Fast Sampling and unlimited revisions (Foam products and packaging)

Our Happy Clients!

Very impressive sevice and fast delivery ! Well done guys ! Keep on going !

Memory Foam 3

Martin Smith

CEO, Industry

We are a starting up company doing online bussiness, they shared many good advice on packing. We received 100% positive reviews so far.

Memory Foam 4

Shelly Barns

CEO, Brand Owner

It’s the 3Rd year we work with Foam Spirit, Definitely the best memory foan cushions we could source from China, our clients love their quality !

Memory Foam 5

Jacob Luke

Purchase, Distributor


Unlimited Fabric Soluctions.


  • Velvet
  • Jersey
  • Plush
  • Peach Skin
  • Micro suede
  • Wireless Internet
  • Jeanet
  • Oxford
  • Spandex
  • Leather
  • PVC
  • More.........


  • Dyeing
  • Digital Printing
  • Coating
  • UV-cut /Cool dry
  • Fire Retardent
  • Anti Slip
  • Embroidery
  • More.........

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