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Established in 2006, Foam Spirit Sponge Limited is an export-oriented foam supplier specializing in offering customizable molded foam and sponge products in China. From tackling your biggest challenges to satisfying your critical daily needs, our team is agile and passionate about meeting your unique speed, quality and specification requirements.  Our range covers: Cushion/Pillows, Cosmetics/Personal Care and Household Cleaning, 

Custom Foam Manufacturing
Injection Mold Foam
Foam Spirit Warehouse

Our Brief History

  • Set up a trading company in Shenzhen (Now cancelled) to carry out the trade activities of ordinary Polyurethane foam. (2006)
  • Set up a processing plant-Shenzhen Foam Spirit Co.,Ltd (Name Changed later), purchase raw foam sheet and cutting equipment for preliminary processing. (2008)
  • Starting to try OEM production, we got melamine foam orders from Japan and Germany, And began to import USA 3M cellulose sponge block from Hong Kong.(2009)
  • Work with the former Tempur-Pedic technicians to start the 1st production line of injection molded foam , at the end of this year, we got memory foam travel pillow and cushions order from one of the top 3 US truck driver products distributors (2010)
  • Our cellulose sponge refills and other dish sponges have entered two major Australian supermarkets – Woolsworth and Coles.Received purchase orders from the Government of Ottawa, Canada, for public transport safety projects-aviation grade flame retardant (2011)
  • We setup the mould and began to produce the classic U-shaped seat cushion, which was later sold by one Amazon bestseller and registered the protection of appearance patents in advance.(2012)
  • Two new memory foam production lines have been put into operation under the condition of keeping other sponge processing unchanged. Change company name to Shenzhen Zhanhao Foam Spirit Technology, registered Hong Kong company- Foam Spirit Sponge Limited. Start to expand the foreign trade team.(2013)
  • Participate as a partner in establish China’s highest quality level cellulose sponge plant, replaced previous 3M materials, And began to produce compressed sponges for consumption.(2014).
  • Start participate in producing blender sponges using USA Dows raw material.(2015)
  • Work with a farm in the north to start producing and selling konjac sponges.(2016)
  • Foam Spirit Sponge Limited (Henan branch) was registered and operated to meet the needs of environmental protection, cost control and development.(2017)
  • New memory foam production line will be added to Henan branch, Shenzhen sub branch will quit foaming manufacturing in the next few years,  turn to a trade company and carrying some basic fabrication works. (2020)

Locations and on-line category.

Henan Branch

  • Cellulose Sponge
  • Memory Foam
  • Melamine Foam
  • Konjac Sponge

Shenzhen Branch

  • Memory Foam
  • Continuous Foaming
  • Rigid Foam
  • Integral Skin

If you are interested or happen to be in China, you can contact our sales to arrange a visit.

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