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We're a leading supplier of qualified foam

Founded in 2006, Foam Spirit Industrial Limited is one of China’s leading suppliers of high-end foam rubber products. Based on your unique needs and goals, we can develop and provide customized foam supply solutions for every customer.

As our name implies, “Spirit in Foam Business”. Our in-depth manufacturing and processing of flexible foam products helps us solve our customers’ difficult foam challenges. Since we have been engaged in foam and sponge-related business for over 10 years, we are able to provide the latest solutions to the industry, especially in China. Our solutions are tailored to meet your most important metrics, including positive reviews on third party platforms and revenue growth. The success of our clients is our most reliable barometer of our performance.

As with many small and medium sized China foam supplier, we started out with PU foam trading and basic processing operations (originally with 3 office staff and 5 shop workers). We came to be regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of custom foam sponge rubber products in China after overcoming obstacles, exploring and providing a comprehensive service strategy for each customer, as well as multiple sales channels to increase their visibility, conversion rate, and revenue.

The complexity of the supply chain is increasing in the face of the covid-19 epidemic, order fragmentation, and the instability of raw materials and transportation costs. We will continue optimizing our existing vendors of collaborative production processes and packaging materials, and screen better shipping providers to ensure we can deliver high quality foam products on time.

We are passionate about creating innovative and high-quality foam products, and we are passionate about assisting companies in reaching their goals. So when you choose Foam Spirit as your foam supplier, you won’t receive a cookie-cutter approach – you’ll receive a customized solution that will meet your company’s needs and help you meet your goals.

Our History As A Foam Rubber Supplier


Start Business And Foam Fabrications

Foam products manufactured from PU, PE, EVA, EPE, and EPS for packaging purposes. Custom fabrication and private label service of 3M cellulose sponge and German
BASF melamine foam in small batches.


Memory Foam Production and Sales Growth In North America

We began supplying viscoelastic polyurethane foam (memory foam) in 2010. We complete the entire process in partnership with a nearby sewing company.
Our products are supplied to Woolworth & Coles in Australia for scrubber sponges, to Costcutter & Aldi in UK, to 4 Amazon sellers to become Top Sellers, to Ottawa Public Transport System for protective foam.


Cellulose Sponges & Makeup Sponges Manufacturing

China’s best provider of cellulose sponges, compressed sponges and Swedish sponge cloths. In addition to working with the best raw material suppliers in China for foaming production, we import European semi-finished blocks for processing productions, making us the most cost-effective French materials supplier in China. Our company imports Dows Raw Material for production of Polyurethane foam (latex-free) beauty blenders, and supplies the most dense and durable konjac sponge available on the Chinese market.


Serve beyond foam products

Due to the professionalism and integrity of our service, we have garnered customers from all walks of life over the years. Due to their trust in our foam business, existing customers will expect us to provide more services than foam.


The Eco Products Line

It’s important to contribute to the environment as a member of nature. One way to do that is to use sustainable products for your branded merchandise.

More and more cooperative customers are turning directly to Foam Spirit for sustainable products and packaging solutions in order to reduce transaction risks. We’re confident we can innovate and provide more comprehensive services at a reasonable price based on the intensive business relationships we’ve built over the years.

Customer Reviews


Jerzy L


Foam Spirit has been great to work with. Their custom foam solution saved us a lot of time and effort.


Sela W


Foam Spirit is way more valuable than I paid. It was nice to work with them. Their product was exactly what I needed. You won't be disappointed!


Sofia S.


Foam Spirit is way better than a lot of Chinese foam suppliers! Keep it up!