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A sponge manufacturer needs to provide reliable sponge products as well as effective solutions. With Foam Spirit, the leading custom sponge manufacturer in China, you can choose from a wide selection of sponge materials and processing techniques. This will enable you to meet the specific application needs of your niche, and ultimately create value. Our extremely competitive prices and high quality make Foam Spirit a valuable sponge supplier for industrial and commercial applications.

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Make Qualified Sponges With a trusted Sponge Manufacturer In China

Here at Foam Spirit, we offer a variety of sponges based on their material characteristics and their suitability for different industries. Sponge products range from general household cleaning sponges to facial cleansing sponges, beauty sponges, loofah sponges, and konjac sponges. We will also analyze the competitive market to identify the most profitable foam product niches that will boost your company’s reputation and profits.

With our experience exporting sponges to FMCG markets in more than 30 countries and regions, as well as being involved in sponge projects for top sellers in several marketplaces, from product prototyping, promotional material assistance, and even final logistics delivery. We’re confident we can be your best partner for your diverse range of sponge products on all sales channels.

Learn how our sponge manufacturing services and our elite team can solve your sponge challenge by contacting us online or calling us at +86 156 0380 9330 for a custom sponge proposal!

Start your sponge project with foam spirit

Our experience as an export-oriented sponge factory allows us to better meet the product specifications and quality requirements of our target markets than traditional manufacturers and provide quick and comprehensive product solutions.

Our sponge manufacturer’s services

With a manufacturer like Foam Spirit, you can get better quality and customized foam sponge products. Let us help you evaluate and select flexible foam materials and formulations for your project.


We develop and improve foaming formula to make new sponge foam block that has custom appearance or technical standard. 

Cutting and Slitting

Vertical and horizontal cutting machines are needed to slit the foam into semi-finished products for subsequent processing.

Diecut Foam

Use a steel material made diecut mould to slit semi finished foam sponge sheets or other materials into multiple shapes and sizes.


Binding foam sponges to third-party materials such as rubber, felt and scouring pads, usually used for cleaning.


The semi-finished sponge product will be fixed , then coated with spray glue and then sprayed with microfiber.

Hot wire Cutting

A technology that uses an electrically charged metal wire that has been heated to cut and shape foam.

CNC Cutting

CNC is an advanced technology that used for fast and accurate fabrication processing of various shaped and sized foam products.


The sponge surface can be printed with water based ink by using traditional screen printing as well as computer printing.


The sponge sheet can be pressed thinner using a high-pressure press machine so it can be transported and stored more easily.

What sponge products or categories do we offer?

As a top custom foam sponge producer and supplier, Foam Spirit can assist your company in achieving success in most fields that require flexible foam sponge solutions.

Here is a preview of our sponge products and categories:

Cleaning Sponge Manufacturing

With Foam Spirit, you can quickly access the widest range of sponge scrubbers available on the Chinese market to meet the needs of your cleaning supplies business. 

Featured here are Foam Spirit’s natural cellulose sponges and Magic Eraser products, which meet the highest quality standard in the Chinese market at competitive prices. 

In addition to cleaning sponges, we also offer sponge holders and other cleaning sponge accessories.

Makeup Sponge Manufacturing

For retail and brand owners, Foam Spirit manufactures and processes non-latex beauty blender sponges, sponge puffs, sponge brushes, and makeup remover pads. We also provide consumable personal care sponges for professionals such as hair sponges for hair salons and cleansing sponges for day spas.

You can quickly build your new brand with our assistance or supply your potential customers with real high-quality sponges for their make-up.

Compressed Sponges Manufacturing

Besides reducing shipping costs for long-term storage, compressed sponges are also an attractive selling point for consumers. We can provide multi-material sponge compression services to meet your different application requirements.

Swedish Sponge Cloth Manufacturing

Now you don’t have to worry about selling out and not having a continuous supply on hand because Foam Spirit offers up to 7 colors of cellulose sponge cloths in stock and custom printed available.

The Swedish cloths we use come from Sweden, France, and Germany. You can also choose Chinese sponge cloth in rolls from us.

How and why we offers better sponges

As a custom sponge manufacturer, Foam Spirit considers a number of factors to ensure the effectiveness of your application and brand. A few of these include control of raw materials, control of process stages, upgrading of production technology, and marketing support to the customer.

Raw materials of higher quality

Making better products with high quality raw materials can help you build a positive reputation. It is similar to cooking a cake. The quality of the raw materials dictates the quality of the finished product.

As we develop and produce each sponge product, Foam Spirit uses raw materials that exceed market standards. Only approved materials can be used for processing and foaming. Approximately 60% of our customers find that our sponges are equal to or extremely close to the quality of the top brands and materials used in your application. This is not an option in other Chinese sponge factories.

Process Control

With a variety of sponge processing and foaming lines, Foam Spirit is a true one-stop sponge supply company. We have a dedicated sponge quality inspection and testing department, and we have a documented internal and external quality control system to ensure batch standardization.

Technology upgrades and market assistance for customers

You can always count on us, as your trusted sponge manufacturer, to help you obtain high quality sponge products that meet market demands. As part of our mission, we want to help you achieve these goals by taking your market and product insights into account and proposing market-based product and technology improvements that will help you improve market share for your sponge products, and more.

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What is sponge?

Before we get into more details about working with a sponge manufacturer, it’s important to define sponge and understand how it affects your company.

There can be no doubt we are not discussing animal sponges, but foam sponges. Due to its similar pore structure and good water absorption, foam sponges are named the same as natural sponges.

The majority of common foam sponges are made from different materials including PU foam, PE foam, melamine foam, silicon and cellulose sponges.

Foam Spirit’s study found that 60% of sponges are typically used for wiping surfaces or other tasks involving water. It is estimated that less than 20% of sponges are used for dry wiping or in high-temperature environments. Recent concerns about sustainability and environmental protection have increased consumer demand for anti-bacterial and biodegradable sponges.

When you see a sponge that has a good water absorption, tensile strength, and porosity you’ll know your sponge is in good quality.


How Can A China Sponge Manufacturer Help Your Business?

Starting your business with a local sponge manufacturer is certainly an option, but choosing a high quality and more cost effective China sponge supplier, such as Foam Spirit, would be a better move.


China Sponge Factory is the better choice for several reasons.

  1. Most of the product supply chain is in China and is hardly impacted by the epidemic.
  2. The thresholds of processing and production of sponge are lower than high-precision technologies or heavy industry, so there is no risk of quality going down the drain.
  3. Some of your local suppliers purchase Chinese semi-finished products and mark them up as local products, selling them at a premium.
  4. Importing and exporting are never complicated. Just give it a try.
  5. Materials that negatively affect the environment should be sourced outside.

The main reason? If you want to ensure both quality and profit, China’s sponge factory is your best bet.

What Can A Sponge Manufacturer Do For Your Company?

Manufacturers of sponges can provide sponge products that meet your needs and can provide you with the following four benefits.

1. Help you expand your product line

When you are not satisfied with your current product line and need new products, a sponge manufacturer can help.

When you work with a manufacturer, they know their stuff. They’ve likely been operating in a niche for a long time, so they’ve learned enough from their experience.

They know what product standards are effective and how to recommend the right sponge products to drive innovation in your product line.

By using their sponge product strategy, you will be able to attract and convert more customers.

2. They can help you integrate peripheral products

When you partner with a sponge product manufacturer that provides an integrated approach, you hit the jackpot.

Raw sponges alone cannot generate revenue – they need to be labelled, as well as combine a number of product strategies.

As an example, if your brand sells cleaning tools, a sponge manufacturer may recommend a combination of packaging strategies and products to help you achieve your goals. Additionally, they offer unexpected services such as packaging design, logistics planning, and helping you save on unnecessary costs.

Therefore, it is important to find a sponge supplier who has extensive experience in materials, production, and marketing, and who can offer you more than just sponges.

3. They know the latest market trends

They will not only provide you with the sponge solutions you want, but will also provide and advise you on other sponge strategies.

Let’s say you are a potential buyer of cellulose cleaning sponges, and the current trend is toward compression sponges across various platforms. The company will pass this information on to you to help you capture the vacancy in advance and to turn it to your advantage.

4. They can handle everything for you

If you are concerned about logistics, imports, or even unrelated products, your sponge manufacturer can take care of everything. When you hire a sponge company, you don’t need to lift a finger to carry out your tasks.
A sponge company with a full operations department will coordinate the work to meet your needs and accomplish your goals.


How to choose the right sponge manufacturer for you business

How do you choose the right sponge manufacturer among so many?

Here are some tips.

1. Do plenty of research

Do your research if you want to find the perfect sponge manufacturer.

Here are some questions you should ask during your search.

When did they start their business?
What sponge materials are they offering?
Where are they based?
Do they charge more than other sponge factories for their production services?
When you have an urgent question, can you call a real person?
Are their products used by top brands and companies?
Do they offer a complete sponge manufacturing service?
Are they experienced in exporting?
Are they highly rated?
All these questions can help you decide if a manufacturer is right for your business.

2. Find a supplier who provides better service

Having a responsible job-matching salesperson at your factory is a blessing, even if the potential factory cannot meet all of the above criteria.

Your product and order-related issues will be taken seriously until they are resolved efficiently.

3. Make sure they fit your budget

The sponge products you need must meet the needs of buyers of a certain sales channel.
You can’t sell sponges on ebay by choosing a manufacturer that offers quality and price similar to Amazon.
You should be able to find a supplier that offers what you are looking for within your budget.

4. Find out how long they have been in business

You should seek out sponge manufacturers who have been in business for at least 10 years.

When you find a manufacturer who has been in business for 10 years or more, then you know that they are able to service many customers. This is because they have delivered results for them.

If they hadn’t created great sponge products for their customers, they wouldn’t have lasted so long.

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Foam Spirit is a top sponge manufacturer serves more than 30 countries

Foam Spirit is a sponge manufacturer that has been providing amazing sponges for clients for over a decade. The result? Our sponges have been shipped to more than 30 countries.

We would love to talk to you if you are looking for sponge branding solutions or a custom sponge application solution. Our company serves a range of industries from cleaning to makeup and everything in between.

Your company needs qualified sponges that are cost-effective, and we are here to assist you.

For more information about our full range of foam manufacturing services, please contact us online, or call +86 156 0380 9330

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