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What is a good konjac sponge

At present, 80% of the konjac sponges sold in the market are processed by adding konjac flour with chemical materials (such as PVA plasticizer). Only less than 20% of the factories are genuine from natural konjac.

Foam Spirit uses pure raws directly from the largest konjac production base in China, ensuring that your brand uses the best quality.

Konjac Sponge Bulk

Better Touchness

  • Better water absorption
  • Super soft skin-friendly
  • Bouncy & Durable
  • Uniform hardness

More Features

  • Degaradable after 2~3 months
  • Storage Time - 3 years at least
  • 0 PVA ingredients
  • Anti bacteria

Main Processing Method

Our finished product is manufactured by a freeze-drying process that maintains the shape of the wet state without any distortion.

New Shapes

Use a mold to make any shape of konjac sponge or add carved logo on sponges.


Bamboo charcoal, green tea, red clay, aloe, ginger, rose, etc. Any natural ingredients you need.


A konjac sponge processing way to benefit of long-term storage and transportation save.

Konjac Sponge Benefit

Like our cellulose sponge products, as a functional natural skin care sponge, konjac sponge is superior to other materials in deep facial cleansing and other skin care applications.

Eco Sponges

After being disposed in the soil for 3 months after being discarded, the degradation rate reaches 95%, which will not cause damage to the earth.

Hydrated Deep Cleansing

The Konjac sponge replenishes skin moisture while washing your face. You will not feels tight and dry after washing your face

Best Pal to Facial Cleanser

Rich foam generated after you add cleanser and it will help you remove the keratin and melanin in the stratum corneum for whitening.

Glucomannan inside

Glucomannan provides rich nutrition for skin cells, smoothes the traces of the face, and makes your skin more moisturized and youthful.

Helps Blood Circulation

Promotes metabolism and smooth blood circulation at the same time

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360 Customization

Change density, color, infusions, flexibility.

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Private Label

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Generic packaging

generic packaging with low MOQs for wholesale customers.

Logo Carvering

Create a 3D style brand logo direct on sponges.


Without preservatives or humectants added.

Color Customization

Produce your expected colors or inject compositions.

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