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Konjac sponge is the most skin friendly and effective natural sponge for face and body cleansing, Even after a decade, it’s still one of the most popular facial sponges on the market. This article will take a closer look at what is a konjac sponge, konjac sponge benefits, how to use konjac sponge, and everything you need to know about konjac sponge from the Foam Spirit.

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  • By Foam Spirit on December 4, 2022

    Foam Spirit is one of China's leading konjac sponge manufacturers, offering a wide range of high quality, cost-effective, and custom konjac sponge production techniques. If you're looking for private label solutions, customized colors and styles,…

  • By Foam Spirit on December 4, 2022

     The konjac sponge is moderately soft, has some exfoliating ability, but it is gentler than facial exfoliating scrubs and will not irritate the skin, making it ideal for deep cleaning sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, or…

What is a Konjac Sponge?

Konjac sponges are produced through high-temperature and water-vapor based foaming using konjac root extracts, mainly used for water based skin care and facial cleansing.

This jelly-like sponge has been popular in the market for almost 10 years now. A wide variety of colors and shapes are now available on the market.

What is the composition of konjac sponges

All konjac sponges basically contain the following ingredients:
Konjac gum, foaming agents, cross-linking agents, toughening agents, plasticizers, water, preservatives and moisturizers.
Konjac sponges are typically produced by mixing konjac powder with other auxiliary materials, stirring the mixture to make konjac gum (similar to beating eggs), pouring the mixed gum into a mold and steaming it (generally heated to 100 °C or 110 °C), then demolding it. For the dried konjac sponge, it will need to be further cleaned, dried or vacuum freeze-dried before packaging.

Common konjac sponge colors and Features

White / Original Konjac Sponge

  • Deeply cleanse pores to remove blackheads, dirt, and excess oil;
  • Remove acne and acne caused by fungus; moisturize, exfoliate gently to give the skin a light feeling;
  • The skin’s PH value is balanced;
  • One of the best products for sensitive skin.

Lemon Yellow / Lemon Infused Konjac Sponge

Lemon is rich in vitamin C \ B and natural fruit acids. Long-term use can balance oil secretion, improve and regulate acne symptoms, and brighten and whiten skin.

Yellow / Turmeric Infused Konjac Sponge

Added curcumin, rich in a variety of trace elements, cleanses the skin deeply, controls oil production and acne, so that the skin does not feel tight.

This is especially suitable for medium to dry skin. It is super elastic and effectively cleanses pores and exfoliates, leaving the face gloriously glowing.

Black / Bamboo Charcoal Infused Konjac Sponge

Add bamboo charcoal powder to regulate skin oil secretion, get rid of acne and acne caused by fungi, balance the PH value of the skin, treat sensitive skin.

Light Green / Green Tea Infused Konjac Sponge

Pure green tea peptide theophyllin composition, to avoid the skin from becoming oxidized; isolate UV rays, isolate pollution; deep clean every inch of delicate skin.

konjac sponge benefits

The Konjac sponge combines functional, health, natural and compostable products into one product; it’s as influential on skin care cleaning tools as the Beauty blender for makeup, or the natural cellulose sponge for cleaning.

From professional skin care institutions to youtube blogger to women at home, konjac sponge is near the top of the list.


Konjac sponge is much better at all these things than a towel or washcloth. It deep cleans pores, removes black heads, locks in moisture, lets the skin breath, washes the skin while also massaging it, all things not offered by traditional tools.

They are simply the coolest partners with a facial cleanser. It’s never been easier to clean your T-zone.

One of the unique uses of the konjac sponge is bathing, and many female consumers and babies use it frequently.


Don’t have the right tools for sunburned or sensitive skin?

Try Konjac!

These natural sponges are safe for babies and mothers of all skin types.

Konjac sponges allow you to deep cleanse the skin, so it is kept free of dust, pollution, and erosive effects from the environment. These effects cause it to breathe properly. You will always look your best.


Konjac is a herb that is found in mountainous areas above 1500 meters above sea level. Its primary ingredient is mannoprotein, which provides rich nutrients to skin cells and doubles moisture retention.

Konjac’s alkaline nature is capable of neutralizing and breaking down the acidic pollutants left on your skin and metabolizing them easily.


Konjac has a high degradation rate of 99%, which means it has no impact on the environment and is not harmful to humans. The waste is buried in the ground after three months to avoid damaging the environment.

How to identify quality konjac sponge

Compared with other foam products, Konjac sponge preparation equipment, process, and production formula are relatively inexpensive. However, since different brands and even konjac sponge manufacturers use different materials and production techniques, we need certain criteria to ensure the quality is outstanding.

Appearance level (after wetting)

A good konjac sponge should be a sphere or hemisphere with clearly defined corners. Fine stomata, no breakage, no impurities. Sponge which has been dehydrated and freeze-dried and has retained its spherical structure.

Hand feel

A high-quality konjac sponge has a strong sense of thicker due to its density.
A sponge with elasticity can quickly rebound after being struck.


Sponge of low quality will appear broken or even lose hardness after regular use of about 1 week. While high-quality konjac sponge it can last for 3 weeks or more.