Pure Natural Made Food Grade Facial Cleansnig Sponge

1 of the 2 Konjac Sponge Manufactures in China totally extract from pure natural konjac,not konjac powder with chemical like PVA added.



Private Label

Provide you with a finished packaging solution with your brand identity.

Bulk / Wholesale

A mixed order of various models and colors is available.

Universal Packaging

Neutral packaging (excluding our company contact information).

Color/Infused Customization

Infused with different natural ingredients, like Aloe, bamboo charcoal, Ginger etc.

Shape Customization

Open the mold according to the drawings you designed.


All stocks are available in a minimum of 100 pieces.

Pure, Non-Polluted Raw Materials

Foam Spirit works with Chinese farms who grow konjac in non polluted mountainous areas with an altitude of 600-1400 meters , and then extract raw material by special techniques, Finally, the world’s most popular natural face sponge is made by means of mold production.

Konjac Plant
Konjac Plant 2

Konjac Sponge Manufacturing A~Z

The final product is manufactured by a freeze-drying process that maintains the shape of the wet state without any distortion.

Inject Konjac Raw Materials
Konjac Foaming
Konjac Sponge Manufacturing
Finished Konjac Sponge

Konjac Sponge Benefit

100% Natural & Degradable. Green and environmentally friendly product. The Konjac Sponges does not cause any harm to the human body. After being disposed of in the soil for three months after being discarded, the degradation rate reaches 99%, which will not cause damage to the environment.

Gentle Deep Cleansing and Hydration.The Konjac sponge replenishes skin moisture while washing your face. You will not feels tight and dry after washing your face .Rich foam generated after you add cleanser and it will help you remove the keratin and melanin in the stratum corneum for whitening.

Glucomannan inside. Glucomannan provides rich nutrition for skin cells, smoothes the traces of the face, and makes your skin more moisturized and youthful.Promotes metabolism and smooth blood circulation at the same time.

No Minimum Qrder, Starting from $0.5/pc

Konjac Sponge Black
Konjac Sponge Category
Konjac Sponge Cool
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