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Foam Spirit is one of China’s leading polyurethane memory foam pillow manufacturers. We have dedicated formula development capabilities. We make our neck pillows from imported raw materials that are non-toxic and odorless. Providing innovative, ergonomic, and comfortable household products to you is what we do.

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Made with pure materials and individually formulated processes

As a polyurethane product, memory foam relies on raw materials and formulations, both of which can provide environmentally friendly, highly supportive and comfortable products.

Foam Spirit is one of the few companies that uses pure imported raw materials, and our raw material suppliers include BASF, Huntsman, Dow, Mitsubishi Chemical, among others. Additionally, we’re one of the few factories that can develop our own formulations and designs.

With us, you get reliable quality and flexible product solutions. Formula technology is our thing.

Learn how our memory foam pillow manufacturing services and our elite team can solve your memory foam challenge by contacting us online or calling us at +86 137 6046 7355 for a memory foam pillow production proposal!

The source factory for Premium Memory Foam Pillow formulation technology

Our technical director was one of the first 10 people in China to work on memory foam technology over 20 years ago. Also, he is a technical advisor to many factories, so the product you use might be made with his formula.

Custom Pillow Manufacturing Process And Services

As a leading manufacturer of memory foam, Our production lines are set up to make large quantities of injection-molded pillows. We can also fabricate raw sheets, outer fabrics, and packaging. Below is a brief list of our featured services; if you need more information, contact us.


Irregularly shaped pillows are manufactured by moulding them directly.


Simple shaped pillows are manufactured by CNC cutting machine.


Infused spices and colors of memory pillow, more health and beauty.

Cooling Gel

Produces pillows with gel pad covering the core or fabric surface, or infused gel capsules.

Joint Foaming

Produce product stands, accessories, and other non-foam materials with the pillow in one go.

Fire Retardent

For the pillows used in transportation or public places to carry out the overall flame retardant treatment.

Fabric Processing

Flame-retardant of fabric, embroidery treatment, bamboo fiber processing, gelation processing.


Digital printing of complex patterns for pillows for gift purposes.

Compression packaging

Pillows are reduced to several times their size by means of roll presses or evacuation equipment.

How to custom or label pillow? A guide on how to design memory foam products with an OEM / ODM manufacturer.

In order to increase your premium margins or achieve brand immersion through branding, you must be keen on custom or private label pillows, so if you’re looking for a guide on how to do that, then this article can help.

When it comes to choosing pillow manufacturing services, we may need to split our thinking. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • What kind of person should use this pillow?
  • Do we need more features on this pillow?
  • What are the selling points of the best sellers? Can we improve their current poor ratings?
  • Do people in your country prefer pillow products?
  • Is there a national policy for accessories?

As soon as you can answer the above questions, you’ll have a good idea of what your future products will be. Let’s move on to the next step.

From design to development, the pillow goes through these steps.

1. Product shape prototyping: Your supplier can help you with the appearance of the model through the plaster, which can often help you decide whether your idea is feasible.

2. Material technology confirmation: Have the factory make samples with standard specifications. They can use your molds or theirs. You can choose the density, softness, color, and other details.

3. Fabric confirmation: You can ask the factory to provide all the fabrics you need for the model, cotton or polyester? and you can also decide if you need any special treatment on the fabric, like jacquarding, printing, stitching gel sheets, flame retardant fabrics, etc.

4. Confirmation of packaging: You can hire a professional designer to design the box or bag for you, and deliver it to the factory to ask them to make a sample. Or you can ask the factory for a blank template so you can design it yourself, and that’ll make you more efficient.

5. Sample manufacturing and confirmation: Have the factory make pre-production samples according to your specifications, and use those confirmed samples as your manufacturing standard.

It should be all done at this point with the pillow design and development. You can get a pillow product that meets your customer’s preference, then promote and pre-sell it.

Foam Spirit is your reliable supplier of production and wholesale memory foam

During the last 20 years, only a few factories were able to master foaming, but now there are more and more sponge manufacturers and fabricators, and even downstream of the supply chain of household products processing companies that make memory foam.

They love the hot home category. How much do they cost? All you need is a production line and raw material manufacturers to buy ready-made formulas.

Is there too much calcium carbonate? Is there a pungent smell? They’ve never focused on it. They spend more time imitating others and cutting production costs, while ironically never lowering prices when it comes to selling their products.

We’re here to change all of that. As a rigorous and innovative producer, we had served the Canadian transportation system, the largest truck distribution brand in the US, the top home brand in Korea, and many Latin American partners like our stuff.

Our product is made from pure materials, with key ingredients from top chemical companies. In comparison to other suppliers, our R&D abilities are top-notch, not just for the basic design, but also for the formula. Our polyurethane technology can turn your challenges into opportunities.


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The technique differences between memory foam mattress and pillow

Most  mattresses have a base layer of high-resilience foam and a layer of memory foam, which is more like different density sheets packed into a bag.

Manufacturing memory pillows can be divided into two types: CNC processing, where the raw sheet is cut out using a computer. Molded pillow is the other type, and it makes any shape of pillow in one piece, and it’s also the most popular.

For those who want a healthier lifestyle and good sleep, memory mattresses and pillows are the best choice.

Is contour memory foam neck pillow or travel pillow washable?

Any memory foam product is made of an open-cell polyurethane foam, so any moisture will be locked in. Having a waterlogged pillow will make it age faster and oxidize faster. (yellowing)

There may have some washable pillow, but memory foam pillow isn’t. If you really want to clean your pillow, just clean the pillowcase. All open cell products shouldn’t be washed, not just memory foam. If the pillow core is yellowed or contaminated, replace it with a new one. In most cases, bedding should be replaced regularly since it’s in contact with your skin a lot.

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We as a export based and high quality innovation producer, has been providing amazing head and neck support pillows for clients across industries. The result? 90% of clients had success after their first launch, and some still the best sellers acorss marketplaces.

Our products including production of memory foam cushion for bedding, memory foam travel pillow, contour pain relief pillows.

Your demand of qualified memory pillow that are cost-effective, and we are here to assist you.
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