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Foam Spirit is one of China’s leading konjac sponge manufacturers, offering a wide range of high quality, cost-effective, and custom konjac sponge production techniques. If you’re looking for private label solutions, customized colors and styles, or even wholesale solutions, we can help.

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Explore Konjac Sponge Manufacturing Categories

Foam Spirit enables you a full range of natural konjac sponge products for premium skin care uses.

Facial Sponge

Pure, 0 biocide konjac sponge for gental facial cleansing, with unlimited infusions inside.

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Bath Sponge

Mother and baby safe, large size and multi-shape bath sponge for all skin types.

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Baby Sponge

Designed for babies and toddlers of tender skin. Super soft, cute, eco-friendly konjac sponge.

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Your Sustainable Business With Konjac Sponge Manufacturing

Konjac sponge production process is 100% sustainable from raw material to finished product. If your company engages in eco-friendly skin care, you should feature it in your product line.
Foam Spirit provides denser, purer, and more durable konjac sponges to help you gain consumer trust.
Our custom konjac sponge manufacturing services include:
  • Custom sizes and shapes
  • Density customization
  • Logo engraving
  • Color and infusion
  • Private label 


They love our compressed sponges

More than offering you #1 China compressed sponges manufacturing service, we are the best solution provider.

With Foam Spirit, we got a custom-shaped sponge with private label options, which allowed us to launch our new skin care line quickly.

Skin Care Company

Foam Spirit offers the most dense and durable konjac sponges on the Chinese market with a better price/performance ratio than other Asian countries.

FMCG Company

Inside Our Konjac sponge manufacturing services

With a konjac sponge manufacturer like Foam Spirit, you can get the finest customized konjac sponge production service from China. Let us help you evaluate and select flexible konjac solutions for your project.

Custom Styles

Make custom konjac sponge models or designs that are unique from the competition, So you’ll have a better chance of winning.

Density Adjustment

Adjustment of hardness and density based on our standard level,Enables you to strike a good balance between cost and quality.

Logo engraving

Design and manufacture labeled sponge products so that you can sell them directly online and offline.

Color infused

By adding a series of natural additives materials like lemon, bamboo charcoal, red clay, aloe vera etc, to make new health featured sponges.


A wide range of flexible packaging materials, labeling solutions to accelerate the development of your sponge business.

Private Label

Design and manufacture labeled sponge products so that you can sell them directly online and offline.

Learn more about Foam Spirit konjac sponge manufacturing service

Foam Spirit, located in China, is a full-service konjac sponge company offering a wide range of konjac sponge products.
Our goal is to provide a one-stop production for konjac sponge products to enable companies like yours to quickly access the highest quality konjac sponge products in the Chinese market, and thus to be able to succeed in the personal care, beauty, and natural products sectors.
If you are also looking for konjac facial sponge manufacturing, konjac bath sponge manufacturing, konjac baby sponge manufacturing, Foam Spirit can help as well.

Custom Styles

In contrast to generic konjac sponges with public molds, designing and developing your own customized konjac sponge will give you greater recognition in the marketplace and a superior premium strategy.

You can create your own konjac sponge quickly by creating a foam mold based on your design drawings with Foam Spirit. If you provide us with physical samples or references, we can develop shapes for you too.

Custom Density Manufacturing

An increased density means more konjac added, which translates to higher production costs.

If you are in a cost-conscious industry such as FMCG or promotional products, you may be particularly concerned about cost control. In a high-end skincare line, you are required to provide consumers with above-market quality, which calls for a different density standard for konjac sponges.

We can analyze your costs and market position to adjust the density of the foam to meet the needs of your customers while maintaining the standard quality.

Logo Manufacturing

Logos are the easiest and most effective way to showcase your brand, regardless of what you are selling. They can be used on packaging, accessories, or direct products.

To display your brand directly to your target customers, Foam Spirit offers screen printing, computerized printing, laser engraving, and molded pre-made logos.

Color Infused Manufacturing

Infused konjac sponges are not just sponges with color paste infused into them. Instead, they are infused with real natural ingredients. In accordance with the original colors of these crops, these ingredients appear in the corresponding color.

Natural ingredients that can be added to konjac sponges include: bamboo charcoal, green tea, red clay, aloe, ginger, rose, etc. Of course, you can try any natural ingredients you like.

Foam Spirit can also provide new ingredients to test in addition to those listed above.

Private Label Manufacturing

The konjac sponge is a skin care tool with high user acceptance, low technical threshold, low unit price, high consumer repurchaseability, and can be operated as a niche business. For big brands, it can be an effective way to complement a product line and expand it.

As a sponge manufacturer that serves more than 30 countries or regions, Foam Spirit has extensive experience in brand labeling and a stable, comprehensive supply chain. As well as providing 90% of common packaging solutions for konjac sponges available on the market, we also offer innovative, cross-border solutions. Our goal is to ensure your brand’s reputation and customer loyalty.

Konjac Sponge Wholesale

Spas and small retail businesses that do not need their products to be branded can purchase small wholesale quantities of konjac sponge from Foam Spirit in a variety of colors and styles. Usually, we can ship out within 2 days if they are in stock.

Wholesale sponges are packaged in basic shrink wrap, and you can print a barcode or logo directly on the packaging. There are also other packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic buckets, generic plastic bags, etc.

Due to the fact that we do not sell directly to consumers, we do not stock a particular model for very long. Please contact us to make sure we are updated on stock availability, and we recommend you do not go below 300 pieces.

How and why Foam Spirit offers better sponges

As a custom sponge manufacturer, Foam Spirit considers a number of factors to ensure the effectiveness of your application and brand. A few of these include control of raw materials, control of process stages, upgrading of production technology, and marketing support to the customer.

Raw materials of higher quality

Making better products with high quality raw materials can help you build a positive reputation. It is similar to cooking a cake. The quality of the raw materials dictates the quality of the finished product.

As we develop and produce each sponge product, Foam Spirit uses raw materials that exceed market standards. Only approved materials can be used for processing and foaming. Approximately 60% of our customers find that our sponges are equal to or extremely close to the quality of the top brands and materials used in your application. This is not an option in other Chinese sponge factories.

Process Control

With a variety of sponge processing and foaming lines, Foam Spirit is a true one-stop sponge supply company. We have a dedicated sponge quality inspection and testing department, and we have a documented internal and external quality control system to ensure batch standardization.

Technology upgrades and market assistance for customers

You can always count on us, as your trusted sponge manufacturer, to help you obtain high quality sponge products that meet market demands. As part of our mission, we want to help you achieve these goals by taking your market and product insights into account and proposing market-based product and technology improvements that will help you improve market share for your sponge products, and more.

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