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Foam Spirit is a leading makeup sponge manufacturer in China. We have specialized equipment, professional production lines to make hydrophilic beauy blenders in large quantities, and one of the 3 factories using market’s top USA Dow Chemical Raws. Whenever you need custom high quality manufacturer of makeup, Foam Spirit is the place you can’t miss.

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Our Cosmetic Makeup Sponge Material Differences And Features

Makeup sponges have been an essential tool in the beauty market for professional makeup artists and make-up lovers, and they’re also the best alternative make-up tools for makeup brushes. Foam Spirit not only offers basic cushion puffs, removal pads , and nbr foam, hair care and eye shadow tools, but our production is also have exclusive formula material.

Foam Spirit’s sponge are different from other factories’.

Foam Spirit: 

Dow’s Hydrophilic Polyurethane, the highest grade polyurethane specially for beauty and nail supply on the market. It is used by all the global premium makeup tools names you know, the best cell struction, antimicrobial, and it is universal for many skin types, does not cause allergic reactions, and does not flake off. Price may be a bit higher.


Latex , sbr or nbr made, ordinary Chinese makeup made, less quality, cause skin irritation, allergies, etc. Super cheap.

There is not every blender out there that is water-repellent, not every sponge that is eco-friendly, not every raws that is biodegradable. But we are proud to say that Foam Spirit has the perfect solution for you.

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Private label and custom manufacturing beauty sponge for your business, bringing your business a stable reputation and sustainable profits.

Supply Private Label Beauty Blender Applicator Brush To Distributors

Foam Spirit is a one-stop cosmetic sponge manufacturer. Through our years of industry experience, we can provide you with efficient sponge processing and manufacturing services. Whether you are a skin care studio, beauty distributor or beauty retailer, we can bring you good service. Our basic services are as follows.
Foaming: Custom production of eco friendly raw sheet to coming fabrications. Sponge are manufactured as a liquid injection foam processing, and depending on your customer’s needs, the manufacturer may have to adjust the formula and ratios to get the right softness or density.
With Foam Spirit, you can customize the specifications right from the start so you get a sponge that feels and looks unique.
Featured foaming technique only available from Foam Spirit:
(Some innovative new technologies are not contained in the standard products, please contact our customer service to specify.)
Color Change:
With color change technology, you get a different color sponge after soaking in water, and return to its original color after dried out, a technology few people have access to, a new selling point that may help you win competitions.
Cooling touch:
A cooler feel for an extra refreshing experience with Cold Sensation Technology. That means our products may touches freezy than other competitors.
Cutting: To make a 3D sponge or flat cushion puff, you need to cut it, all the process is processed thru a customied production line and equipment, with your drawings Foam Spirit can make a random shape for you.
Imprinting & logo engraving: Want to put your logo or brand on a sponge? You can. We’re able to give you a solution with your own personality with our printing process and laser engraving. Branding can help you gain recognition among consumers, and this process does not cost much.
Coating: You can spray glitter or microfiber on the sponge surface. Just like Juno Co‘s super soft velvet blender, after the semi-finished products come out, they are fixed on a stand and sprayed directly with adhesive components as glues to add the spray iterms you need to the surface of the foam. Reduce foundation costs while impressing your customers with cooler performance.
Sewing: A process of making cotton cushion puffs or sponge blushes.
Rapid prototyping: Manufacture of primary shapes or prototype batches from drawings or samples. Quickly turn your design to reality.
Private label: Assembly and labeling of customer packaging and accessory. With a superb range of packaging and accessories suppliers, Foam Spirit can provide you with flexible solutions to help your brand grow quickly.
Delivery: Door to door delivery and import / export process handling assit.
Thanks to Foam Spirit’s long history in the foam fabrication industry, it is clear that we can provide fabrication services beyond your imagination. We are the perfect partner for your one-stop beauty tool business.

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We offer a wide range of products and services to meet your needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing the best possible service and support. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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