What Are Cellulose Compressed Sponges?

Compressed sponges, AKA cellulose compressed sponges, are an expanding sponges made from dehydrated natural cellulose sponges. It is dried cellulose sponge created after purification, drying and compression treatment. Explore everything on cellulose compressed sponges from Foam Spirit.

what are compressed sponges

What are compressed sponges?

Basically, cellulose compressed sponges are cellulose sponges with a smaller volume. They have all the same properties as regular cellulose sponges
As an all-natural cleaning sponge, cellulose sponges play a big role in our lives. However, because sponges are huge, they’ll be more expensive to transport compared to other goods, so the sponge processing plant will compress them to save on shipping.
Normally, compressed cellulose sponges are dry sponge sheets. The thinnest ones look like paper, but they expand quickly when they’re soaked in water for normal use.
Compressed sponges were originally designed for long-term storage and freight saving purpose, but now they’re everywhere.

Why we use compressed sponges?

Save on Freight Costs

The extremely high compression ratio allows you to load more sponges, saving volume and transportation costs.

Pop Up within 2 seconds

After soaking in water, it returns to its original size within 2 seconds.

Long-term storage

Long-term storage is easier with this sponge than with regular sponges. (Over 5 Years)


In addition to the shape change, compressed sponges can be used for more processes and applications.

8 Common Applications for compressed sponges


A more attractive and space-saving cleaning sponge treatment method.


Essential skin care for beauty salons, it can also be used for daily facial cleansing and care.


Print or customize special shapes for brand or company promotion.


Extremely high temperature resistance help clean the soldering iron tip.

Education Art

Can be made to various styles used for education or design purpose.


The chemical-free sponge can be used to cultivate organisms in experimental institutions.


Any application that requires water absorption, heat insulation, cleaning and environmental protection.


It is a good choice for people in industries related to sustainable commodities.

Get Effective cellulose compressed sponges solutions From Foam Spirit

Here at Foam Spirit, We’re the first factory in China to manufacture cellulose compressed sponges. You can get boundless application solutions from us. Additionally, we can make compressed sponges with your own porosity, density, color, and biocide-free formula.

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