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Foam Spirit is one of the best custom biodegradable Swedish dishcloth manufacturers in China. Our company offers multi-purpose Swedish dishcloths wholesale and fabrication services to retailers and wholesalers.

Swedish Dishcloth Manufacturer

Working With The Finnest Swedish Dishcloth Material On Market

Many cleaning supply companies and print on demand companies discovered the benefits of sustainable sponge cloth. These unique kitchen cleaning supplies have made them a lot of money. There contain over 1000 listings sell about it on Amazon’s USA site alone. Despite being labeled 70 cellulose and 30 cotton, the quality is very different.

What makes us so confident?

The main raws for produce the wipe are cellulose and cotton. As you know, most of our raws come from Germany, Sweden, France and China. The cloth in each simple packaging are the result of decades of innovation by the raws factories engineers. Our raws are strictly controlled, imported only from these companies, and we’re the only chinese supplier with a huge inventory of real Swedish cloth, which is your biggest guarantee.

Learn how we offers wet and dry sponge cloth in all sizes, colors, and fabrications and our elite team can solve your challenge by contacting us online or calling us at +86 137 6046 7355 for a production proposal!

Get Non Plastic Waste, Super Absorbent And Clean Power Cleaning Supplies For Everyday Use

Contact Foam Spirit for planet environmental cleaning products that replace traditional kitchen sponges and rolls of paper towels.

From cut, design to print, full fabrication Techniques For Premium Quality Cleaning Cloth 

Our standard manufacturing process meets invention at Foam Spirit. You’ll find all the fabrication services you’re looking for and new ones, too.

Foaming Production

Custom rolls and special sizes, colors and densities. (Chinese materials only)

Cutting & Diecut

Cut to small sizes or bulk shaped goods. (animal, flowers, heart etc.)


Hand-sewn together with other goods to expand more uses.


Have your company logo, slogan and creative graphics on it.

Facial Pads

Converted to facial cleansing and skin care goods.


A laminating process with glue bonding.

Why Swedish Cloth is eco friendly and renewable ?

Originally invented in Sweden in 1949, Swedish cloth has been around for over 70 years. With its unparalleled absorbency and super cleaning power, you’ll be able to get most of your housework done, like coffee spills on your countertops, dishes, windows and so on. Despite the fact that many people still use paper towels, it’s clear that as a planet environmental product, it will gradually become more accepted.

Why is it the best iterm to replace paper towels?

Dishcloths are made of wood pulp fiber (from the forest), and the compostion are cellulose 70 and cotton 30. So it is 100% compostable, you can well not take into account that it can be naturally degraded in landfill after its use time expires. If it’s dirty, just rinse it, and it’s clean again, or you can wash it in the washing machine. 

Sponge cloth is super kind to the environment, each one lasts 150 times longer than any paper towel, it makes it the best alternative to paper towels and other kitchen cleaners that uses for your counter or dishes.

Our Experiences On Supply to all-natural product distributor and brand.

With Foam Spirit, everything about your natural product or household cleaning business challenges gets easier. We don’t just do what you ask, we’ll help you with challenges proactively so you’re more likely to succeed at a low cost.
You can get these effective services from us:

Evaluations of projects

Foam Spirit will give you a quick, rationalized, functional recommendation. Our recommendations might be based on the foam itself, or on our experience. We’ll keep you updated on your needs and help you troubleshoot.

Support for production

With Foam Spirit, We’ll make sure your project is perfect from sampling to production to shipping. Foam Spirit, on the other hand, has tracking and KPIs to standardize its operations.

Release of industry news

What’s new in natural product? We’ll watch it for you.
With our sensitivity to technology and industry, we’re the first to know about industrial trends in China. You’ll get valuable information so your business and profits grow.

Import/export issues and peripheral goods

Other products may be needed inside the kitchen or bathroom. Foam Spirit has a stable and diversified supply chain, so we can be your one-stop sponge vendor.
We’re an export-oriented sponge factory, so we can help with imports.

Bonus Read: Cellulose Sponge Cloth Print On Demand Business

You should know that sponge cloths are also very popular in the print on demand world. Originally, designers and artists used it for their creations, but now many print on demand businesses are cornering the market.

Companies are finding that sponge cloths that patterned has a 4 to 6 times profit premium, and consumers love them. White is especially hard to find because it can be used in any color deisgn, and there’s usually a six-month wait before stock can be replenished.

Not only do we have the biggest white inventory, but we also have a computerized laser process that’s better than traditional screen printing, uses eco-friendly ink, and is quick manufacturing.

Contact US For Getting This Eco-friendly and Reusable Household Supplies

Foam Spirit is proud to be a leading Swedish dishcloth manufacturer that has been providing amazing and growing in popularity wipe for clients across countries.

We would love to talk to you If you’re looking for a reliable solution to sponge cloth, whether it’s customized or branded purpose. We can make your challenges easy and efficient.

Contact us for the most premium quality dishcloth, or call +86 137 6046 7355

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