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Get denser, more durable magic sponges from the leading melamine foam manufacturer in China. At Foam Spirit, we offering the best alternative to Germany melamine sponge on the market. 

melamine foam manufacturer

Introducing 3rd Gen melamine foam sponge Features

The conventional density of melamine foam is around 7KG/CBM. It’s a lightweight open cell foam made of melamine resin. Melamine were originally used for transportation and buildings’ noise reduction and fire retardancy. However, the Japanese discovered that it could also be used to remove dirts, which was a new breakthrough. Its excellent properties are now accepted by global consumers, and it’s one of the most popular scrubber sponges ever. 

There’s no doubt that BASF, a German chemical giant and raw foam supplier, makes the best melamine cleaning pads on the market, and their engineering expertise creates cross-industry effectiveness.

Foam Spirit’s raw supplier uses a production line that’s almost like BASF, and it has the highest tensile strength, toughness, and density on the market. We’ve got a better price too. We get very few negative comments about breakage from the agents we sell on Amazon and other platforms.

Best Class Fabrication Capability For Quality melamine sponge

With excellent production capacity and fabrication techniques, Foam Spirit is a leading foam sponge manufacturer and wholesale supplier. Contact us for custom service.

Melamine foam Fabrication solutions

Foam Spirit’s comprehensive range of processing technologies can meet our customers’ common needs. We provide you high-quality products in any size, style, and design.

Foaming Production

Creating melamine foam with different density, toughness, porosity and color.

Cutting & Diecut

The whole sheet is cut into small pieces or special shapes by cutting machine or diecut mold.


A high-frequency machine turns low density sheet into high density, creating patterns at the same time.


Melamine scrubbers are commonly made by gluing multi-color PU or abrasive scouring pads together.


Printing various patterns or text that can be customized on the surface of the sheet.

Private Label

Assemble and manufacture sets of magic scrubbing pads available for retail.

Magic Eraser Cleaning Sponge For Diverse Industry And Application

This environmentally friendly melamine foam material is made of melamine resin foamed through a unique process. Among its attributes are heat insulation, sound absorption, flame retardance, fiber-free, low weight, etc.

Compared with existing traditional chemical products (glass wool, felt, microfiber, polyester fiber, etc.), it has a lower density. It’s been revolutionizing things for years, and it’s still popular today.

As a cleaning product: Melamine eraser’s unique three-dimensional structure makes it tougher than glass, so it cleans deep into surfaces (tested on leather goods first). It makes wiping jobs easier as it only takes a little water without any detergent , also cleaner compared to other other sponges.

A flame retardant material for construction and transportation: Melamine foam is a thermosetting or fire resistance material, widely in building’s wall, so in case of fire, it won’t melt or produce burning droplets. Only a little smoke was produced, and there was no afterglow from the foam.

In terms of acoustic: Melamine foam’s open-cell structure means sound waves will not be reflected, but will pass through unhindered. Melamine foam absorbs sound well because the cell structure reduces sound energy. This feature makes it a great option for rail, car, air sound control.

Good thermal insulation: Melamine foam holds up well at high temperatures. It reduces energy losses in things like hot water tanks and solar water heaters because it has a low thermal conductivity. Melamine foam is also flame resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 240 °C, so it’s better than conventional insulation.

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Convert And Private label melamine sponges product With Foam Spirit

Foam Spirit is a high rated oem melamine foam melamine foam cleaning products company and converter that has flexible techniques, with us , you could get professional custom shaped or sized sponges at competitive prices.

We would love to talk to customer as you If you’re looking for a reliable solution to melamine foam, whether it’s customized or branded requirement. We can make your sponge challenges easy and efficient.

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