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It’s key for a memory foam manufacturer to produce innovative and high-performance viscoelastic memory foam, while also keeping production costs low. Foam Spirit is China’s leading memory foam producer and fabricator, and we offer a wide range of continuous and molded polyurethane memory foam solutions.

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Develop polyurethane foam product with top memory foam company

In addition to being the first producers on the Chinese market to supply molded memory foam products, Foam Spirit is one of the few companies to serve American Standard Tempur Pedic firmness level standards, so we are able to bring any memory foam service you may need. As your partner, you can rely on our capability and the grade we deliver.
Foam Spirit has been offering reliable memory foam application solutions for over 15 years – from mattresses for bedding, memory foam sheet for packagings to orthopedic fixation brackets for medical use, pad for computer mouse.Our flexible and strong research development capabilities have helped clients at all levels achieve significant success in their distribution marketplaces, as well as in third-party marketplaces.
9 out of 10 customers who sell memory foam made by Foam Spirit on Amazon find success soon after launch, with an average review rating of 4.7 or higher. Additionally, we have helped offline chain stores and distribution network customers capture local market share quickly.
Learn how our memory foam services and our elite team can solve your memory foam challenge by contacting us online or calling us at +86 137 6046 7355 for a memory foam proposal!

Start Your Memory Foam Manufacture With Foam Spirit

Foam Spirit will ensure your memory foam project has a 90%+ chance of success, ahead of competition and local sales, we boast the industry’s unmatched and leading production technology.

Ensure that manufacturing techniques enable comfortable use

With a company like Foam Spirit, you can get industry leading memory foam services. The techniques we use to process memory foam are numerous. Below is a brief list of our featured services; if you need more information, contact us.

Continuous Foaming

Get memory foam blocks through 60M long PU foam production lines.

Molded Foaming

Through one time investment metal molds, you can get any shaped memory foam in bulk.

Cooling Gel

Gel pads and gel particles can be added to memory foam products to provide cooling feature.

TPU & TPR Foaming

A headrest or mat made of TPR or TPE rubber with a honeycomb-like cool feel that can be washed.

Color Infused

Add color paste to foam core to eliminate white foam that may oxidize and yellow.

Fire Proof

Adding flame retardant catalyst to memory foam or processing flame retardant into outer fabric cover.

CNC Cutting

Use CNC to fast and accurate appearance production of cut to size memory foam blocks.

Shredded Filling

Shredded memory foam is made to allows the user to adjust support level and has a better air circulation.

Rigid Skin

Get highly resilient and waterproof PU foam rigid skin categories.

Label and embroidery

Display your logo or slogan through computer made embroideried cover or law labels.

Freight Saving

Reduces shipping costs by hand rolling and vacuum compressing.

private label

Add sleeve card, color boxes, and plastic bags can be customized according to your specifications.

Get A Preview Of Our Viscoelastic Material Top 4 Services

As a top memory foam producer and supplier, Foam Spirit can assist your company in achieving success in most fields that require flexible memory foam solutions.
Here is a preview of our memory foam categories:

Memory Foam Mattress

Foam Spirit is one of the most cost-effective memory foam bedding producer in China, offering full-size and multi-density base foam laminated mattresses. We are aslo one of the few memory foam suppliers that can offer gel-infused memory foam layered pads.
Our specialty mattress in a box process is a compressed packaging process that reduces shipping costs by two-thirds as compared to traditional mattresses, helping you achieve maximum profit margins.
As well as traditional memory foam bed vendor, we can also make memory foam toppers, memory foam futon mat, and foldable mattress for outdoor use. If you need more information, feel free to contact us.

Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam have been among the best-selling fillings for over 20 years, and they are one of the very few bedding iterms designed to fit ergonomics perfectly into the design.
Whether you are in the traditional bedding, mother and baby, medical, or sports recovery markets, etc., we have solutions that will assist your customers sleep better and help you profit.
We are a customer-focused memory foam producer committed to being 100% talc-free and using key ingredients imported from the US and Germany to ensure that you get solution that wins competition and gains market shares and sustained profits.


Memory Foam cushion

Many people sit for long periods of time or work on a specific body part for a long period of time, causing damage to the body’s health. Products that provide sufficient support and relieve pressure have become essential.
The memory foam seat categories offered by Foam Spirit are divided into four general groups: office, orthopedic, pregnancy, car and outdoor.
Foam Spirit offers categories covering almost every part of the body, including head, neck, lumbar, hip, leg, and foot support. Foam Spirit lets you quickly and efficiently create your own brand.


Memory Foam Mat

Looking for an absorbent and gentle bath mat? Need a durable anti-fatigue kitchen floor mat? We have them all at Foam Spirit. Choose from the best-selling sizes in the market or let Foam Spirit assist you with developing customized models.
Headrest, toppers, and mattresses may be highly competitive, but memory foam mats may be good for new brands.
Looking for custom service and pricing? Request a proposal to receive yours.
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Bedding products suitable for a variety of sleeping habits.

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Medical grade foam products with orthopedic functions.

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Seat or back pads that enhances the driving experience.

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Baby & Mother

Products that bring more care for pregnant women and babies.

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What Does A Memory Foam Company Do?

There are two types of memory foam suppliers: one is a one-stop producer that produces foam through to the final goods; the other provides only a few or half of the process, the rest is outsourced, such as the textile fabrication company.
One stop company (28%):
Many are created through the expansion of foam production, since foam technology is more experienced and good at developing new models. The majority of manufacturing processes are completed in their own factory, which allows them to effectively control costs and processes, resulting in rapid new model development.
Part Manufacturing (65%):
Their original business are mostly engaged in bags, clothing, gifts, or other home textile, they purchase foams from foaming suppliers. These companies are more professional for clothing and trend, good at the appearance of the design. These companies are also good partners for customers if they have advantages in purchasing cost control.
Tempur and NASA jointly developed memory foam, which was initially for impact protection for astronauts in space. However, it has proven to have a much wider range of applications in the civilian and commercial sectors, generating huge profits for commercial companies.
As we know, memory foam is widely used in everyday bedding, medical care, mother and baby, even earplugs and insoles (Skecher shoe insoles) and can really be made into any finished merchandise due to its excellent shock absorption and ergonomics.
Except for rigid skin foam, 80% memory foam goods require fabric covers, fasteners, and additional accessories. It means that there is more customization involved, so if you are looking for a low-tech niche with a fixed market volume, memory foam can be a good choice.
With a memory foam supplier like Foam Spirit, you could get below services:
  • Get any kind of goods with memory foam as the main filling;
  • Enhancing and launching newer memory foam in line with market needs;
  • Reviewing your competitors’ memory foam categories for shortcomings and for better solutions;
  • Discovering the latest technological developments and new applications on the market for memory foam;
  • An all-in-one branding solution for memory foam category;
  • The answers to all the problems you have not been able to solve with other memory foam suppliers;
  • An innovative memory foam company;
  • A diversified supplier of memory foam solutions;

How Can A Chinese Memory Foam Factory Help Your Business?

The market is transparent and fair. With the exception of the two core elements of production cost and environmental pollution, it is obvious that Europe and the United States, as countries that have been conducting research and development regarding memory foam materials, are in fact the benchmarks of high-quality memory foam from a technical, production, and quality standpoint.
For most professional buyers and businessmen, it is equally important to obtain quality and harvest profits. As the world’s leading chemical maker and a major PU foam maker and consumer, China has the ability to provide conditions that are as good as those in Europe and North America. Moreover, as a major garment exporter, the produce of home textiles for memory foam is a guarantee of confidence for importers.
China’s memory foam production cost is about 45% less than that of European and American vendors, while the investment in the development of new models is equivalent to 20 percent less than overseas suppliers.
In other words: choosing China memory foam supplier is a way to get both profits and quality.

How To Choose The Right Custom Memory Foam Company For You Business

How do you choose the right memory foam vendors among so many?
Here are some tips.
1. Do plenty of research
Do your research if you want to find the perfect memory foam producer.
Here are some questions you should ask during your search.
When did they start their business?
What categories are they offering?
Where are they based?
Do they charge more than other memory foam factories for their production services?
When you have an urgent question, can you call a real person?
Are their products used by top brands and companies?
Do they offer a complete memory foam service?
Are they experienced in exporting?
Are they highly rated?
All these questions can help you decide if a company is right for your business.
2. Find a supplier who provides better service
Having a responsible job-matching salesperson at your factory is a blessing, even if the potential factory cannot meet all of the above criteria.
Your product and order-related issues will be taken seriously until they are resolved efficiently.
3. Make sure they fit your budget
The memory foam you need must meet the needs of buyers of a certain sales channel.
You can’t sell memory foam on ebay by choosing a supplier that offers quality and price similar to Amazon.
You should be able to find a supplier that offers what you are looking for within your budget.
4. Find out how long they have been in business
You should seek out memory foam companies who have been in business for at least 10 years.
When you find a factory who has been in business for 10 years or more, then you know that they are able to service many customers. This is because they have delivered results for them.
If they hadn’t created great memory foam goods for their customers, they wouldn’t have lasted so long.

90% of Foam Spirit's clients have won competitions with its sponges

Foam Spirit Has Helped 90% Of Its Clients Win Their Competitions.

Foam Spirit is a memory foam factory that has been providing amazing memory foam for clients across industries. The result? 90% of clients had success after their first launch, and some even changed their lives.
We would love to talk to you If you’re looking for a reliable solution to memory foam, whether it’s customized or branded purpose. We can make your memory foam challenges easy and efficient.
Your company needs qualified memory foam that are cost-effective, and we are here to assist you.
For more information about our full range of memory foam services, please contact us online, or call +86 156 0380 9330
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