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As the source of the supply chain, foam manufacturers are hardly involved in further processing, and 80% of foam products are processed and manufactured by foam fabricator. With Foam Spirit, You can get almost any common machining process to achieve your business needs.

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Foam Fabricate Manufacturing Categories

Reach Foam Spirit to get unlimited foam fabricate manufacturing techniques.

Vertical Horizontal Cutting

Foam blocks can be cut vertically or horizontally into foam sheets of varying widths and thicknesses for further processing. Best for making simple, regular-shaped foam products quickly, efficiently, and economically.

Learn Basic Cutting

Foam Die Cutting

Die cutting is one of the quickest and most economical ways to make shaped foam. A custom-made die cutting mould is mounted on a hydraulic press and the foam is shaped and cut under high pressure.

Learn Bulk Shaped Foam

CNC Contour Cutting

Precision CNC contour cutting is well known and popular for custom foam fabrication. CNC cuts increase speed, precision, and production. It’s used to cut foam in complex shapes and outline them.

Learn Computer Cutting

Adhesive Fabrication

The adhesive can be made in three ways: spray, glue and hot melt. It’s used for insulation, noise reduction and thermal insulation foam sheets, plus cleaning sponges and other consumer goods.

Learn Adhesived Foam

Hot-Wire Cutting

A foam cutting process which uses electric heat to cut wire is an efficient and cost-effective method of fabricating foam parts. By using this method, the foam can be cut into cavities and contoured in the desired way.

Learn Heat Wire Cutting

Compression Fabrication

The foam is compressed by hydraulic machines to produce a smaller size, which can then be used for further processing, or long-term storage and transportation.

Learn Compressed Fabrication

Foam Convoluting

In foam convoluting, a sheet of foam is cut into foam of the same thickness and shape. Noise reduction, packaging, and bedding foam are made with this process.

Learn Egg Wave Foam


Thermoforming is actually one of the easiest and the most widely employed foam forming process for complicated foam fabrication projects.

Lean Compression Molding

Foam Injection Molding

Foam injection molding is a process for rapid production of flexible foam by injecting liquid into molds. This process can be applied to the production of memory foam.

Learn Injection Production

Foam Sewing And Stitching

Bonding foam and other materials by stitching rather than glue.

Learn Sewing With Foam

Flame Retardant

Convert ordinary foam to flame-retardant foams.

Learn Fire Proof

Foam Imprinting

Direct silkscreen or UV printing of logos and designs on foams.

Learn Printing On Foam

Foam Prototype

Make plaster or prototype foam samples for your reference.

Learn Foam Sampling Process

Water Jet Cutting

Cutting foams with high-pressure streams of water.

Learn Water Jet Fabrication

Splitting & Skiving

Shave raw foam in sheet to any required thickness.

Learn Foam Sheet Fabrictaion

Types of Foam We Fabricate With

Here at Foam Spirit, we offer a variety of foam based on their material characteristics and their suitability for different industries.  We will also analyze the competitive market to identify the most profitable foam product niches that will boost your company’s reputation and profits.

Open Cell Foam: Polyurethane Foam, Reticulated Polyurethane Foam, Open Cell Nitrile Foam, Open Cell EPDM Foam

Closed Cell Foam: EVA Foam, Polyethylene Foam (EPE Foam, XLPE Foam), PVC Foam Rubber, Neoprene Foam Rubber, SBR Foam Rubber, Closed Cell PVC/ Nitrile Foam, Closed Cell EPDM Foam

Learn how our foam manufacturing services and our elite team can solve your foam challenge by contacting us online or calling us at +86 156 0380 9330 for a custom foam proposal!

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Choose foam fabricating companies like Foam Spirit for your custom foam products

Foam raw material producers usually only produce original foam blocks and basic foam sheets, so for the final foam products, it has to be the downstream covering or fabrication company that completes the fabrication process.

To help you evaluate a potential foam fabricating company, here are some tips.

Consistency in foam quality
A foam fabricator may be able to choose from several open cell and closed cell foam manufacturers to supply them with foam blocks. They will choose the right foam raw material based on the buyer’s needs.
If you want your foam application to succeed, you need a stable and exclusive foam raw material.

An adequate processing history
Foam converters that have been around for a while are trusted by their customers.
Long-standing foam converting companies often have a proven, one-stop for foam converting services.

When they outsource processing, they can be sure of quality
Not even the biggest foam manufacturers have all the fabrication machinery. Basically 60% of all foam products will require a third party company.
To ensure quality delivery, outsourcing requires suppliers to perform a rigorous audit of their supply chains.

You’re on budget
When you want to solve a problem that will save you money, or if you have to sell foam products on ebay, choosing foam fabricators in usa will be more challenging.

Provide better service
Those with good service awareness can answer all your questions if all the above conditions are not met.

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