What are makeup sponge wedges and how to use

Learn from this article on what is makeup sponge wedge, where and how to use, different versions.

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What is Makeup Sponge Wedge And Features?


Makeup Sponge Wedges Blenderr designed for the professional who demands the best in quality, sanitation, and performance. These single-use mini sponge wedges allow you to create beautiful results when applying or blending foundation, blush, eye shadow and more. The soft material makes blending and contouring effortless, and clean crisp edges ensure precise application and total control.


  • The foundation wedges are made of latex-free synthetic material, tactile and comfortable, soft, elastic, water-absorbent, good for dry and wet
  • Portable for make-up bag or dressing table
  • Cover and conceal hard-to-reach areas of the face
  • latex makeup blender sponge makes applying liquid, cream foundation or concealer easy and convenient, also can use them for nail art

Mini Wedges For Makeup Use as you go

Foam Spirit’s non-latex wedge blender sponges are the industry’s favorite disposable makeup application tool. Each block has 8~48 precut wedges so you can easily pull them apart to provide each client with a hygienic makeup experience without sacrificing quality or performance. They can be used with a variety of makeup products and won’t crumble or flake. When used dry, they provide a dense deposit of pigment and when wet, they fully expand for lighter coverage with a natural-looking finish. Unlimited colors available !

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