What is microfiber Beauty blender sponge ?

Microfiber velvet sponge is a blender makeup sponge version improved by Juno Co, has an additional process in the production process – surface flocking/microfiber coating.

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Microfiber beauty blender sponge, AKA velvet makeup blender sponge super saving your cosmetics. Basically all regular beauty sponges can be upgraded to velvet version. Flocking quality and flocking materials are the core of technique.

microfiber beauty blender

Microfiber Velvet Beauty Sponge Overview

How microfiber makeup sponge made?

Flocking is not a technology that has only been available in recent years. In the luggage, home furnishing, packaging, and even clothing industries, more or less surface spraying technology is applied. It can improve the grade of the product and distinguish itself from competing products. The flocking material has strong adsorption force because the surface is covered with fluff. And because the flocking is sprayed with glue, a false skin is formed on the inner surface of the surface, which helps to resist the infiltration of foreign oil.

No one knows what reason Juno Co chose the flocking beauty sponge. But as soon as their products came out, they got a good response. Their design is unique and revolutionary, and promotes the innovation of beauty products.

Could we transfer either style to microfiber coating?

The answer is yes. Because flocking is an extra process of ordinary beauty egg sponge. It means that blender makeup sponge of any shape and color can be made into the flocking style you need. Even the length and color of the fluff can be designed.

Why Foam Spirit?

Foam Spirit uses environmentally friendly fluff, which will not cause skin allergies. If customers have higher requirements, they can use Dow fluff imported from the United States, which has obvious cooling effect.

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