Foundation brush vs sponge:Differences and how to choose?

What are the differences between foundation brush and makeup sponge? What kind of people are suitable for sponge like beauty blender, and what kind of people are suitable for makeup brushes? This article will give you the final answer.

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Each has its own advantages. Depending on your needs and preferences. If you’re a beginner, or want to draw light makeup, and your skin is oily, use a beauty blender. If you want a more sophisticated look, have dry skin, or are an experienced makeup artist, you’ll need a professional makeup brush.

Foundation brush vs sponge

Which one is best for beginners? Blender or brush?

Newbies shouldn’t use makeup brushes. You need a beauty blender. You can apply makeup evenly, quickly, and cover a lot of ground with blender sponges. You don’t want to use a heavy makeup brush if you’re a newbie, it’s more for makeup veterans.

how foundation brushes and blender sponges differ?


In general, blender sponges are shaped like gourds or drops of water, but the beauty sponge is so cute that it is more practical. You can use it for most makeup needs since it’s rounded and curved, plus it’s very soft.

Makeup brushes usually have rounded, tongue-shaped or beveled heads, and their range of uses is limited. They may also fall out of hair more easily.

You might want to use a beauty sponge if you’re a girl who likes cute shapes.


Generally, beauty sponges are foam material, soft and flexible, so they feel great in your hand and on your face. With a beauty makeup sponge, the makeup area is bigger when applying makeup, creating a matte, lighter look.

Brushes are usually animal hair texture, they’re not as comfortable as sponges, but they look more professional than beauty blenders. Brush head has lots of tiny hairs, so powder looks real, concealer looks great, so makeup is translucent.

You can use either a makeup brush or a beauty sponge, depending on how you want to apply your makeup! Makeup brushes, however, can lose their bristles easily.

Ease of use

Using a beauty blender is better. New makeup brush users say they’re confused and don’t know how to start, and when they use them, they feel strange and can’t control their strength, which can leave brush marks. Due to the great feel of the sponge, the user doesn’t have so much psychological pressure when using a beauty sponge. Relaxation allows makeup to go on smoothly and even, and the blender sponge leaves no obvious traces on makeup, so it’s great for newbies too!

Suitable for the skin type

It’s better to use a makeup brush if you have dry skin, because people with dry skin have fewer blemishes on their face. When you use a makeup brush, you can create a feeling of light, show off the watery and glossy foundation, and make your skin look natural and radiant.

The beauty sponge is more suitable for oily skin girls to use, since oily skin girls’ pores are coarse, so they hold more oil, and sponges absorb a lot of oil. Makeup can absorb a bit of oil from your face, as well as excess moisture from your foundation, so your base makeup looks fresher and smoother.

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