How to create an Amazon bestseller memory foam cushions 2019 (Part A)

1.Compared to other categories, memory foam cushions on Amazon are not as competitive as they…

1.Compared to other categories, memory foam cushions on Amazon are not as competitive as they might be.

According to the data of the three-party platform such as jungle scout and virtual launch, this category has a large gross profit margin. Memory Foam lumbar cushion product with a price tag of around $17.99 on Amazon, the actual ex-factory price may be around $5. Based on our previous feedback to FBA customers in the US, shipping costs for individual products may only cost around $1.50.

2. The threshold of Memory Foam Cushion for entry and upgrade is extremely low.

You don’t need to study or learn its industry standards or technical parameters in detail as you would an electronic product. Just need to understand some simple numerical values ​​such as density, hardness, raw material purity, rebound time, and fabric composition. And these data can be measured by yourself.

3.All of the memory foam products sold on Amazon stay in the oldest technology.

No one really tried to innovate this category, most people just copying each other, or simply adjusting on the fabric. This has a relationship with the seller and is also related to the amateur level of the supplier.

4. Memory Foam is a good niche if you plan to run a long term business.

It is based on a material solution. In principle, it can be applied in countless fields. If it is purely in the health industry, it can be used for postoperative recovery, drivers, long-distance travelers, home decorating, and even street fashion design. You can choose a niche category and try to make it a brand, or transfer your customers to your independent store after Amazon gets a certain amount of traffic.

Ok, you already know that this is a very worthwhile product, so how to build a successful memory foam product under the latest trend?

1. Find the right consumer for you.

Who is the person most likely to buy your product? Where are their ages, genders, and uses? Are they biased towards design or biased towards functionality?

2.Research your competitors.

What is the main reason for the bad reviews given by consumers? Odor, hardness, support, density, functionality, appearance? When did their brand be established, and where are their channels besides Amazon? Is there a series of brands around a core category?

3. Upgrade and design a unique product.

There is no absolute loyal customer in the retail market. As a brand seller, you need to be sensitive enough to market information to bring your eye-catching products or designs to potential customers. We found that most of Amazon’s new best sell memory foam product sellers rarely use the public model design, and most of them have made some changes. Of course, it is based on market prices and on the premise that costs do not fluctuate a lot.

4. Be prepared to do samples and pre-market tests.

Is your product accepted by the market? What is a low-cost test method? You can ask the supplier to give you a pre-production sample or to place a small batch of orders on the market and put some ads to see the feedback.

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