Hot Wire Foam Cutting

Hot wire foam cutting technique is especially suitable for projects requiring to cut cavities and contours in foam.Learn from this article on more knowledges on hot wire fabrications.

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What is Hot Wire Foam Cutting?

Hot Wire Foam Cutting

Cutting foam with electric heat is an efficient and cost-effective way to fabricate foam parts. With this method, you can cut the foam into cavities and contour it however you want.

A hot wire foam cutting technique uses an electrically charged metal wire to cut through many different kinds of foam, including EVA foam and cross-linked polyethylene foam. It’s CNC-controlled and can cut different foam materials with various densities into precise shapes.

Custom shapes can be cut without expensive tooling because the wire is computer controlled. Shapes can be imported straight from the customer’s CAD drawings. With this, you can cut a wide range of production volumes accurately and efficiently.

Hot Wire Cutting Fabrication Materials

  • EVA ethylene vinyl acetate foam
  • PE polyethylene foam
  • PU polyurethane foam
  • PVC polyvinyl chloride foam

Hot Wire Cutting Foam Products

Foam packaging
Foam dunnage
Case liners
3D foam products
Various custom cutting shape

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