Foam Thermoforming: Custom Foam Parts Made Easy

Foam Thermoforming is actually one of the easiest and the most widely employed foam forming process for complicated foam fabrication projects.

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What is Foam Thermoforming?

Foam Thermoforming

Custom foam parts can be made with foam thermoforming,

Thermoforming is when foam materials are heated up until they become pliable. After that, it will be molded to the shape you want. Finally, the semi-finished foam parts will be trimmed according to the custom specifications.

Thermoformed foam parts have a semi-harness, smooth surface, and contoured shape, which helps protect against impact, shock, dust and moisture with excellent cushioning.

There are two main types of foam you can use with thermoforming, EVA foam and cross-linked polyethylene foam. Also, it can be applied to foam composites, especially foam and fabric composites. Marine products, medical products, military products, and safety products benefit from the shockproof and lightweight properties of thermoformed foam.

Foam Thermoforming Materials

  • EVA ethylene vinyl acetate foam
  • PE polyethylene foam

Foam Thermoforming Products

Knee pads
Protective cushion pad
Marine products
Safety products
Custom foam shape

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