What makes for an environmentally-friendly Swedish Sponge Cloth?

Swedish Sponge Cloth is the most effective natural cleaning cloth for household cleaning. This article will take a closer look at what makes for an eco Swedish sponge cloth.

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What is Foam Foam Skiving & Splitting

foam skiving

Splitting & skiving can be a good way to get foam of the desired thickness. It’s the first step in fabricating foam, and it’s done by skiving and splitting machines.

The skiving machine has a horizontal steel blade that shaves the foam sheet in half. After foam technicians make sure the foam sheet is the right thickness, we cross it through the skiving machine horizontally. After that, we have the foam sheet in the right thickness.

In addition to die cutting and CNC contour cutting, the foam sheet or block can also be used in other foam fabrication processes. The foam material could also be skived to produce a naturally clear and smooth surface with tight tolerances.

Skiving & Splitting Fabrication Materials

  • EVA ethylene vinyl acetate foam
  • PE polyethylene foam
  • SBR styrene butadiene foam rubber
  • CR neoprene foam rubber
  • EPDM ethylene propylene diene monomer foam rubber
  • PU polyurethane foam
  • PVC polyvinyl chloride foam

Skiving & Splitting Foam Products

Foam seals and gaskets
Foam packaging
Marine products
Foam sheet and block

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