Foam Lamination: PSA and Heat Lamination

Foam lamination – adhesive can be made in two ways: PSA lamination and heat lamination. It’s used for insulation, noise reduction and thermal insulation foam sheets, plus cleaning sponges and other consumer goods.

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What is Foam Lamination


Foam lamination are categorized in two main ways – PSA lamination and heat lamination.

PSA lamination, also called adhesive lamination, is a more traditional and popular technique to combine foam with a sticky backing. The adhesive lamination machine can laminate a variety of foam rubber materials and adhesives including pressure-sensitive adhesive, acrylic, and 3M.

When it comes to heat lamination, it usually refers to hot melt adhesive lamination and flame lamination. These are used mostly for creating composite materials like foam to foam, foam to fabric, foam to felt, foam to film, and so on. In the production process, heat melts the foam, making it tacky so it acts as an adhesive. The surface is then combined with another material, like foam, fabric, etc. Under pressure, the two materials are then bonded together.

Foam Lamination Fabrication Materials

  • EVA ethylene vinyl acetate foam
  • PE polyethylene foam
  • SBR styrene butadiene foam rubber
  • CR neoprene foam rubber
  • EPDM ethylene propylene diene monomer foam rubber
  • PU polyurethane foam
  • PVC polyvinyl chloride foam

Foam Lamination Products

Foam seals and gaskets
Foam tape roll
Custom foam packaging
Custom cushioning composite material
Automotive and construction
Textile and cloth

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