Foam Die Cut: How to make customized shape foam in bulk

It’s true that simple and conventional foam shapes can be shaped with common machines, but foam die cutting fabrication is undoubtedly the most efficient and economical way to make foam products with uniform shapes in large quantities.

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What is Foam die cutting process?

foam die cut

Foam die cutting is a very basic but also popular foam fabrication technique that makes it easy to get the same shape from different kinds of foam.

Steel rule die cutting is one of the most common die-cutting forms.

Firstly, we need to build a precise steel rule die according to your specifications. We’ll bend and form steel into your exact shape.

We then place the steel rule die onto our high speed die-cutting machine after it’s finished.

The foam is then pressed into the blade of the die, which cuts through it to create finished foam products.

Die cutting is a simple and effective way to fabricate foam.

Diecut Fabrication Materials

  • EVA ethylene vinyl acetate foam
  • PE polyethylene foam
  • EPE expanded polyethylene Foam
  • PU polyurethane foam
  • NBR PVC nitrile foam
  • PVC polyvinyl chloride foam
  • SBR styrene butadiene foam rubber
  • CR neoprene foam rubber
  • EPDM ethylene propylene diene monomer foam rubber

Diecut Foam Products

Foam seals and gaskets
Foam protective packaging
Seat cushion
Auto car foam wash brush
Industrial custom foam die-cutting

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