Foam CNC Cutting: Rapid Fabrication Of Complex Shape Foams

Foam CNC cutting is popular for custom foam fabrication. CNC cuts increase speed, precision, and production. It’s used to cut foam in complex shapes and outline them.

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What is Foam CNC Cutting ?


The CNC foam cutting system provides excellent automation and is frequently used to produce large quantities of two-dimensional shapes. It’s great for custom foam fabrication. Using this method, foam material can be vertically cut into complex and contoured shapes at low tooling cost.

With contour technology, custom foam products can benefit from improved size accuracy, faster cutting speeds, and enhanced material yield.

Die-cutting with steel rule dies offers free moulding and greater productivity than regular die-cutting. As well as EVA foam, polyethylene foam, polyurethane foam and other foam materials can be cut with our CNC contour cutting machine. Foam Spirit CNC contour cutting is used in lots of industries, like the auto industry, packaging industry, furniture industry, and more.

Foam CNC Fabrication Materials

  • EVA ethylene vinyl acetate foam
  • PE polyethylene foam
  • SBR styrene butadiene foam rubber
  • CR neoprene foam rubber
  • EPDM ethylene propylene diene monomer foam rubber
  • PU polyurethane foam
  • PVC polyvinyl chloride foam

Foam CNC Fabrication Products

Custom foam packaging
Furniture usage
Other custom foam cuts

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