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Why is so few Cellulose Sponges Manufacturers?

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A:Everybody want to go with direct producers, and you may also receive couples of websites after searching Google, the results may showing titles like” We are a professional cellulose sponge manufacturers“,”we are the best cellulose sponges producers” etc, but unfortunately 99% are fake ones, real producers fewly make ads , never provide convert or private label service, the amount of real manufacturers are countable in the world. Eg in China, there are only less than 3 real manufacturers, Regardless of the quality of their production (The quality of each batch is not the same, will metion in below article), they also only focus on producing blocks and sell to converters.
Please check below for the reasons why they are countable:


Technical maybe the main reason, similar to other type foams, cellulose sponges also has its formula, but few engineers knows how to produce. Most manufacturers who are producing cellulose sponges now are copying formula of 3M .

2.High production costs and low production capacity.

Unlike Polyurethane sponges, a cellulose sponge production always costs several times higher, Once the manufacturing process occurs some little problem, the whole product is scrapped.
The average production capacity is very low. (approx 5~10 cubic meters/day), each cubic could produce approx 12,000 pcs cellulose cleansing sponges.
High raw material costs: Raw material keeps rising in recent years.

3.Raw Material.

A: Before we start this topic, let’s first read below sentences on what is a cellulose sponge,” Cellulose sponges are made from wood pulp fibers and is the most abundant organic compound in the world and although man-made, they’re far more “green” than any other plastic ones since they biodegrade in landfills and go through a far less toxic manufacturing process”. A good quality Cellulose sponge is 100 percent cellulose with no polyester filling. Cellulose sponge is biodegradable and can easily be returned to the soil after the useful life of the product. Unlike other cleaning materials, cellulose sponge can also be used multiple times before being discarded”.

Okay, Above is the composition formula and technical standard common used by chinese cellulose sponge manufacturers, their pure cellulose composition is less than 60%(Mostly buy from local cellulose producers ,not imported ones), and rest composition are recycled cotton, even wasted non woven bags, that’s why they comes with low quality and low prices.

Years ago, one customer worked with one cellulose sponge manufacturer in South China, and paid a visit there, their managers not allow us to visit the workshop (Saying it’s commercial secret), so he could only take a glance from outside, the ground is fully moist with dark stains, by the corner of the wall laid some dirty bags, even the factory manager says” the workshop just like a garbage station”, the workers do not clean their machine or molds, as saying”this may delay new production and costs money for clean the production line” .

In order to ensure the quality level, Suppliers like Foam Spirit Sponge Limited always seek the best raw materials, we work with farms managed according to the environmental regulations and their selection of suppliers is very strict and audit them regularly.

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