Soldering Sponge

We supply 70% of China Local soldering station sponge market.

Soldering Sponge 1

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The Most Durable and Eco Cellulose Sponge in China

  • Industry leading pore structure and higher density.
  • Water absorption per unit area of 25 to 30 times.
  • Contains no harmful substances and plastic ingredients .(PVA)
  • Excellent resistance to pull and breakage.
  • No harmful gases are produced at high temperatures.

Soldering Sponge 2
Soldering Sponge 3

Same Quality but half price

  • No significant difference with American manufacturers, but 40% cheaper.
  • No discoloration after soaking in water (60 seconds) .
  • No obvious impurities or mottled appearance.
  • Each piece can be use for up to 1 week.
  • Support soldering stand sponges in color and model blended wholesale orders.
  • A variety of custom packaging is available.
  • Eliminate tooling cost of any new models. (Generally need 50~200 USD)
  • Daily capacity of Soldering Sponge Materials – 80,000 pieces.
  • Max dimensional tolerance – +/− 2mm.
  • Frequency of replacing new blade and mold- every 2 weeks.
  • QC inspection (online/offline), refer to AQL2.5.

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