Sample Policy

Try our samples to confirm the quality and models, or make a quick evaluation of your project soon.

Classification of Samples

The manufacturing and shipping of the samples are part of our operating costs. Standing for sampling charge is a business principle everyone’s consensus and a way to build trust for new cooperation. For some new buyers who are unwilling to bear the necessary transportation costs, Foam Spirit also refuses to provide services to them.

Free Samples

You don’t need to pay for the samples we have in stock. You will receive our samples delivered at your door very fast after you paid the logistics costs.

Charging Samples

Samples require change density, appearance (Color, Shape, Pore, Size);

Require adding specific additives or other processing techniques.

Require production moulds;

Require imprint or labelling;

Outsourcing packaging material;

Frequently Asked Questions

Possible situations and specific instructions.

Always, we do not charge any sample fee. You could get our free samples with a small courier cost. But it is considered between operating expenses, and we will require a specific charge for the following situations.

100% refund for samples under $50;

50% refund for samples $ 50 ~ $ 200;

Refund method: deduct the corresponding amount directly from the order or return it directly in cash.

Logistics costs for samples delivery;

Sample involves additional mould costs (multiple);

Unnecessary repeat sampling that caused severe production losses;

You did not specify the return treaty in the contract with the sales;

No order after you sampling;

Please contact our sales to confirm the sample materials, standards and delivery time you need;

yes, please provide design documents or references.

Our sales will contact you as soon as possible to confirm all the details of the samples.