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Facts on cellulose sponge manufacturers

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Cellulose Sponge, as an environmentally friendly natural degradable daily use sponge, has been very popular in our lives. In addition to the function of replacing ordinary polyurethane or polyether material sponge, it also has excellent antibacterial properties and water absorption.

In recent years, more and more importers and distributors have begun to try to add this sponge to their product range. They try to directly import raw materials or finished products from the so-called production countries and regions. But are they real ?
This article will share you some valuble knowledge of global cellulose sponge manufacturers.

What are the direct manufacturing plants?

Before we start, please make sure you know the direct factories here should refer to companies that have the ability to produce raw materials, Rather than the so-called cellulose sponge fabricators. There are only a handful of direct factories in the world. They are all located in North America, Europe and China. On average, there may be only about 2 in each region. For business privacy reasons, we will not tell their names.

Why are cellulose material supplier so scarce?

I prefer to use the word niche,  as cellulose sponge business itself can be attributed to the niche market- which is high demanded, higher threshold and hard to replace.

Below, we will talk in detail about why it is a high threshold market.


Technical maybe the main reason, similar to other type foams, cellulose sponges also has its formula, but few engineers knows how to produce. Most manufacturers who are producing cellulose sponges now are copying others formula.

2. High production costs

Unlike Polyurethane sponges, a cellulose sponge production always costs several times higher, Once the manufacturing process occurs some little problem, the whole product is scrapped.

3. Low production capacity.

The average production capacity is very low. (appprox 5~10 cubic meters/day), each cubic could produce approx 12,000 pcs cellulose cleansing sponges.
High raw material costs: Raw material keeps rising in recent years.

4. Long production lead time.

If you want to buy blocks, you may have to order 6 months earlier. Also,they do not direct sell blocks, it’s hard to find their distributors or traders who sell their blocks in the world.

A: Before we start this topic, let’s first read below sentences on what is a cellulose sponge,” Cellulose sponges are made from wood pulp fibers and is the most abundant organic compound in the world and although man-made, they’re far more “green” than any other plastic ones since they biodegrade in landfills and go through a far less toxic manufacturing process”. A good quality Cellulose sponges is 100 percent cellulose with no polyester filling. Cellulose sponge is biodegradable and can easily be returned to the soil after the useful life of the product. Unlike other cleaning materials, cellulose sponge can also be used multiple times before being discarded”.

A:You could make some little tests on cellulose sponge as below:

Touch and press: A good cellulose sponge is gently soft and dense enough, you may feel it’s thick. But when you touch a bad quality one, with little pressure, you would feel the sponge like a thin paper, easily feel the bottom surface under the sponge.
Smell:A strong bad chemical smells would common found in bad cellulose sponges.
Fading resistance: Test with clear water, sink the sponges into the bottle, and then check if the colors of water changes. Or you could use sponges wiping on a white paper, to check if the paper gots some colors.
Appearance: The air holes or cells arranged regularly on a good quality Cellulose Sponge,and there’s no impurity substance on it. A bad one not.
Compressed Cellulose Sponge: Check if the pop up sponge returned to its original shape and size.
Absorbing of water: Good cellulose sponges holds more water.
Durable to use: A good cellulose sponges has longer time than poor quality cellulose sponges, at least 3~ 5 times.
Chemical: Bad cellulose sponges using cheap catalyst, the components have never been tested in a lab or audited by any 3rd party. They are NON CELLULOSE SPONGES, but only holds the name. Do you want to use a poisoned sponge in your home or clean your face and body ,and then discard let them harm our environment?
Not as clean as you seen: There are many Cellulose Sponge Manufacturers who have very very poor producing environment. From raw materials to finished blocks, all the goods are put on a dirty wet floor, they never clean their machines for couples of months.
Not so economic as you expected: Maybe you are happy as you bought with a low price, but once you start using the cellulose sponges, they start to crack in a very short time, maybe 2~3 days only.

Everybody want to go with direct producers, and you may also receive couples of websites after searching Google, the results may showing titles like” We are a professional cellulose sponge manufacturers”,”we are the best cellulose sponges producers” etc, but unfortunately 99% are fake ones, real producers fewly make ads, never provide convert or private label service, the amount of real manufacturers are countable in the world.

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