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Strive to produce & provide the highest quality foam product to you and your customers.

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Foam products with tight tolerances everyday.

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Harsh and complete quality processes.

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Order Speed

Shorter production time for your every order.

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Complete processes

Full range of best-in-class manufacturing processes.


Industry innovative foaming technique.

Molded Foam
Custom Cellulose Sponge Manufacturer

We work hard to make your life as our customer easier and better too. From a reliable, flexible supply chain that spans the country, to a talented technical support team who lives and breathes foam, to best-in-class manufacturing processes that offer the precision you need, we aim to be the best strategic partner possible.

We will strive to provide the highest quality product possible by bringing new products to our customers, continuously reviewing procedures, learning about new materials, and staying invested in our industry.

  • Molded Polyurethane Memory Foam
  • Cellulose Sponge, Konjac Sponge
  • Blender Sponge (Polyurethane foam)
  • Polyurethane Integral Skin, High Rebound Foam
  • Continuous Foaming, Cross Linked Foaming
  • Structural Foam, Flexible Foam
  • More...

Foam Fabrication

One stop fabrication process for every consumer foam.

Foam Fabrication
Foam Fabrication (2)
  • CNC Profile Cutting, Die Cutting
  • Horizontal & Vertical Cutting, Contour Cutting
  • Thermal Cutting & Forming, Slitting & Splitting
  • Compression Forming, Laminations & Coating
  • Heat Sealing, Polishing, Custom Coating
  • Assembly (Partial Or Full Assembly)
  • More...

+/- 2mm tight tolerance for every ending product.

A complete set of processing solutions for flexible foam. Most machines are made by well-known manufacturers in China and are operated by familiar workers who have been operating for more than 5 years.

Sewing & Packaging.

Your brand deserve a better result.

Fabric Sewing Working
Electric Sewing

Professional & outstanding appeance before deliver to your consumer.

We have a series of professional packaging machinery and export based packaging suppliers. Most of our sewing workers are  from previous garment factories to ensure that your order can be delivered to you quickly and perfectly.

  • Sheet Cutting, Electric scissors.Sewing
  • Digital Imprint, Computer embroidery
  • Flocking and fire treatment
  • Customize Product Label, Law Label
  • Polybag, Plastic Box/Tube, Shrink Packing
  • Freezing Dry, Natural Dry.
  • More....

Quality Support

 quality is built into everything we do.

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Foam Spirit represents quality to our employees, customers, and the community in which we work. Foam Spirit’s commitment to quality for all stakeholders is demonstrated by following a widely communicated and understood Quality Management System.

  • A Continuous Improvement Process using a cross functional team approach.
  • Quality Planning through our work processes and guidelines that produce products and services.
  • Quality Control which is driven by measurement through our process and product.
  • Quality Assurance to meet agreed upon requirements for internal and external customers.
  • Quality Improvement eliminating waste and non-conformances while improving efficiencies within our operations.
  • We will not be content unless our customers are confident they receive quality products and service from our company each and every day.

Comprehensive Engineering, Design & Product Development
Continuously Trained Manufacturing Teams.
Custom Product Packaging Capabilities
Excellent Sales Support
Financial Strength & Stability
Honesty, Integrity, And Corporate Commitment To Excellent Customer Service And Quality
ISO 14000 Environmental Standards & Management
ISO 9001-2008 Standard Manufacturer
Long-Term Relationships With Established Suppliers
State-Of-The Art Technology Tracking System Across All Functions
Testing & Evaluation

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