Classic Latex Free Blender Sponges

The egg shaped latex free blender sponges is a series of models the Original brands and Real Techniques carrying. Best-selling for many years, and the trend has not changed. The pore structure of Foam Spirit is more delicate, and the hand feel is much better than most manufacturers.

Classic Latex Free Blender Sponge Description

The latex free blender sponge is a tool for applying makeup. It can make the liquid foundation more docile. The egg shaped application sponge can be used not only to apply the liquid foundation, but also to paint blush. It is best to use the sponges in a semi-damp state, so that the makeup effect will be better.

The shape of the sponge is like an egg, so sometimes people named it beauty egg sponges. It is a sponge material, not as hard as other makeup tools. Its special feature is that the texture is soft and the shape recovers very quickly. After being pressed, the lovely songes can automatically bounce back in just 1 second, and the application is very Convenience.

Before using the cosmetic sponges, you should soak it with water and use it when it is half dry and not wet. If you accidentally spray too much lotion, you can use a clean paper towel to squeeze out the excess water. Make-up eggs should be cleaned once a week. Do not use the make-up sponges for a long time without cleaning, otherwise the blender sponges are prone to breed bacteria and may cause acne after contact with the skin.

The latex free makeup sponges is very dense, it feels very soft and smooth, there is no roughness and friction at all, and it will not cause damage to the skin. The sponges cannot be used for a long time. If you make up more frequently, it is recommended to replace it with a new makeup egg once a month. If you make a relatively small amount of makeup, it is recommended to replace it every 2 months.

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