Konjac Sponge Wholesale

  • Neutralize & decompose cosmetics or fine dust on the skin.
  • Repair fragile skin after sun exposure, replenish skin moisture. 
  • Degradation rate reaches 99% after being buried in the soil .
  • Exfoliating and Whitening, promote metabolism and promote smooth blood circulation.

What Is Konjac Sponge

Konjac Sponge uses wild plant-konjac as raw material, It is a pure natural fiber product that can be used for washing face and bathing.The rich konjac essence-glucomannan (mannose polysaccharide) inside, provides rich nutrition for skin cells, smooths the traces of age on the face, makes your skin more moisturized and more youthful. Konjac Sponge is weakly alkaline, which can neutralize and decompose the weakly acidic pollutants in the air and easily metabolize it. The plant fiber of konjac sponge becomes soft and elastic after being exposed to water. It can be used to massage the skin in a round shape when it is used on the skin. The comfortable touch can relax the mood.

Konjac Facial Sponge

Facial Cleansing

Classic konjac sponges use for daily facial cleansing.

konjac sponge for bath

Bath & Skin Care

Used for daily bathing and professional skin care.

Baby Konkac SPonge

Mother & Baby

A cute custom sponge for sensitive skin.

Konjac Sponge Wholesale & Custom Made

Foam Spirit is konjac sponge manufacturer and supplier provide a comprehensive custom processing service for beauty blender sponges.


Manufacture blenders according to your drawings or reference samples.

Density and hardness

Customize the sponges that matches your feel.

Pore Aperture

Increase or decrease the pores as required.


Add natural ingredients to konjac sponge to make it unique.

Logo Engrave

Engrave your logo directly on the surface of the sponge.

Private Label

Manufacture branded products that can be sold directly.

Pure raws from the largest konjac production base in China.

Custom shapes, colors, natural additives

100% Natural

China's largest alpine konjac planting base, Non-synthetic konjac flour.

Full & Dense

Uniform full resilience touch, excellent pore structure, higher density and more durable.


Latest freeze-drying process for drying treatment, lighter weight, no wrinkles on the surface.

Various Additives

With bamboo charcoal, matcha, rose, red clay, pomegranate, aloe, ginger, etc. to be added.

Start from 300PCS

300PCS support mix color/models, ship within 2 days, Universal packaging available.

Low mold cost

Customize mold close to the cost price, quickly create your patented konjac sponge model.

The most skin-friendly & Gentle
face wash sponge ever.

Enjoy the pleasant experience from the natural plant grown in a 1,500 meters mountain.

Konjac Sponge FAQ

You need to provide design documents or references for Konjac sponge, We may need a sets of mold to run production.

Bamboo charcoal, green tea, red clay, aloe, ginger, rose, etc. Any natural ingredients you need.

It’s benefit of long-term storage and transportation save, In addition, some logistics companies do not accept goods containing liquids.

We provide a wide variety of plastic and paper packaging without any printing. You can display your brand and contact information by sticking stickers.

We have a large stock, but we recommend that you confirm the available models with our sales in advance.


Yes. we welcome and encourage to try our premium sponge or foam products, always we offer 1~2 free samples, you only need pay for shipping, and we will get you refund after order placed.

The general inventory only needs 2 days, the standard production of any konjac sponges takes 7 days, new models requires an additional week of mold production and requires a minimum order quantity of 3000 pieces.