Cellulose Kitchen Sponge

If we vote on which sponge appears most frequently in every kitchen, Nobody could ignore this multi-color degradable sponge. With its antibacterial properties, natural composition and super absorbent, it has become an indispensable tool for daily-use dish cleaning.  

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Inspired by 3M Technology

Formulated by former senior engineers of the 3M company. 60% offer of American Manufacturers

  • The catalysts and other auxiliaries used in the production process are from the United States
  • The main raw materials come from non-polluting farms in North America and Western Europe.

Excellent Cleaning Power

More durable than any competitor’s products, and free of recycled materials.

  • Industry leading pore structure and higher density.
  • No discoloration after soaking in water (60 seconds) .
  • No obvious impurities or mottled appearance.
  • Water absorption per unit area of ​​25 to 30 times.
  • Contains no harmful substances and plastic ingredients .(PVA)
  • Excellent resistance to pull and breakage.

Kitchen Sponge 2
Kitchen Sponge 3

Unlimited Customization Shelf Ready

Whether you are a bulk dish sponge importer, brand distributor, cleaning company or even a seller of Amazon sponge products, we can provide you with the most complete brand solutions.

  • Small batches of mixed orders (different colors, bonding materials) and stock neutral packaging.
  • Fitted with nylon scouring pad, polyester/PU sponge, filter foam or spray coating (Teflon).. 
  • Ordinary plastic bag printing and fully automatic heat sealing, paper wrap packing.
  • Support for Dropship and FBA operations.

Best In Class Manufacturing Capacity

  • Daily capacity of cellulose dish sponges – 80,000 pieces.
  • Max dimensional tolerance – +/− 2mm.
  • Frequency of replacing new blade and mold- every 2 weeks.
  • QC inspection (online/offline), refer to AQL2.5.

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