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Foam fabrication is an important process in the manufacturing of foam products. It helps foam manufacturers convert foam sheets and rolls into finished goods by shaping, cutting, and joining them. Start here with Foam Spirit, Learn everything related to foam fabrication manufacturing from this free knowledge base.

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What is Foam Fabrication?

Foam fabrication is the process of converting standard open cell foam and closed cell foam by foam manufacturers using machinery. By changing appearance, softness, and materials, A wide range of foam materials such as polyurethane foam, polyethylene foam can be transformed into a specific composite formation for industrial and commercial use.

Foam raw material producers usually only produce original foam blocks and basic foam sheets, so for the final foam product, it has to be the downstream covering or foam fabricators that completes the fabrication process.

Through custom foam fabrication, you could get foam products such as:

How can you make your foam products with the right fabrication techniques?

If you are in the foam industry and are looking for a foam fabrication technique that can produce your foam products, there are many methods that can be used, but having access to the right fabrication techniques can be a challenge. 

Although there are many foam processing methods, they basically fall into three general categories. If you look at the appearance of the foam product you need, you can figure out the possible process.

The cutting process
As long as the foam has obvious cuts and only the appearance has changed, you should be fine with the basic cutting process.

The adhesive process
Usually used to laminate foam with other materials or to make foam strips to fix into a specific position or objects.

Molding process
For foam products that have flat edges and are shaped. Generally, they are manufactured by extrusion foaming through a mold or similar.

Once you’ve got a basic understanding of the fabrication process, you can evaluate your budget and decide what’s best for you. You could also get a suggestion from the foam expert.

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