Compressed Sponges

Compressed sponge, AKA pop up sponge, is made from ordinary natural wood pulp fiber. It is a special fabricated cellulose sponge product created after purification, drying and compression treatment.

100% Bio Degradable, Miracle Pop Up Sponges

Save Freight Cost

Extremely high compression ratio helps you load more sponges, saving more volume and transportation costs.

Pop up Within 2s

Transferd from ordinary cellulose sheets, returns to its standard size within 2 seconds after being soaked in water.

Longer storage

Less prone to deterioration than regular sponges, Conducive to long-term storage. (5 Years and more)


Not only is the shape change, more processes and application areas can be used on the compressed sponge.

Compressed Sponges Applications

Our Natural & Disposable compressed sponges are PVA-free, pure wood pulp fiber made, completely biodegradable. We are pround that we have No Color Fading, Superb Soft & Flexible.


A more attractive and space-saving cleaning sponge treatment method.


Essential skin care for beauty salons, it can also be used for daily facial cleansing and care.

compressed sponge


Print or customize special shapes for brand or company promotion.


Extremely high temperature resistance help clean the soldering iron tip.

Education Art

Can be made to various styles used for education or design purpose.


The chemical-free sponge can be used to cultivate organisms in experimental institutions.



Any application that requires water absorption, heat insulation, cleaning and environmental protection.


It is a good choice for people in industries related to sustainable commodities.

compressed sponge

A Cellulose Sponge Expert

Cellulose sponge is one of our core business, with more than 10 years industry experiences. We serve more than other competitors.

Save 40% , 2 Times Faster Delivery

Why Foam Spirit

Finnest Pore Sructure

Perfect balance between raw material mixing ratio and temperature, more uniform.

Unlimited Colors

Long Storage of White, Natural, Yellow, Light Green, Blue, Purple etc.

+/- 2 MM Tolerance

Slight dimensional tolerances in processing, works for severe industrial applications.

Fully Expand

The size after soaking in water reaches the specifications you require, no material shrinkage.

Denser And Durable

Higher density, tensile strength and abrasion resistance than other Chinese suppliers.

Faster Delivery

2 times faster delivery than any overseas producers, and full fabrications available.

Custom Compressed Sponges Calculator

Do you want to make a custom made compressed sponges ? Eg. new size, pattern? Try our free estimators.

sponge calculator

Featured Products

Compressed Cellulose Sponge Sheets

Expand To Full Size Within 2 Seconds

The sponge was originally designed to reduce transportation costs and facilitate long-term storage, but now it is widely used in various industries and scenarios.

Bulk Cellulose Sponge For Face
Bulk Cellulose Sponge For Face
Compressed Facial Sponges

Trusted By Millions Of Estheticians

Cellulose Sponge is widely used in the beauty and skin care industries. It is an essential daily disposable cleaning supplies for beauty estheticians. It is completely biodegradable, super absorbent, non-sticky oil, soft like a towel, and can penetrate deep into the pores to clean stains. Because it is a natural ingredient, it is not easy to cause allergies and is suitable for various skin types.

Ethan Shaw

I am really satisfied with your compressed sponges. they fits our needs perfectly. Will order again soon


Compressed Sponges Manufacturing FAQs

What's Your Standard Size?

We are a direct manufacturer, we can make any size you need, include popular diameters of 5~10cm, compressed thickness 1mm~2mm.

How Many Colors Do You Have?

White, Natural, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, purple. We do accept custom color if you order reached 3 original blocks.

What Processes Need To Be Compressed?

Humectant removal treatment, drying or natural drying, compression and cutting.

What Is The Thickness After Compression And The Thickness After Soaking In Water?

The thickness after compression refers to the thickness of the finished product, and the thickness after soaking refers to the thickness you need to achieve.

The thickness before compression represents the thickness of the original semi-finished sponge sheet. Due to the loss of compression, 100% thickness cannot be guaranteed. If you need to achieve an accurate thickness after soaking in water, we need to use a sponge sheet larger than the thickness of soaking water to compress.

Do you offer moist version?

Yes, we provide standard/wet cellulose sponges, please contact our sales for details.

Do You Offer Biocide Free Ones?

Biocide free need made seperately, please contact us for detail.

What's Your MOQ And Leadtime ?

7~15 days for order under 200k pcs, include mould time.

How To Make Custom Sponges ?

Customized shapes need to be produced through molds, oversea suppliers need hundreds of dollars, we only need about 30 dollars, and after order is fully refunded.

How long can we keep the sponges?

Please keep them in cold and dry condition, prevent from shinning, it’s easy to have them stored for 3 years at least.

Can I Have A Sample To Make A Test?

Yes. we welcome and encourage to try our premium sponge or foam products, always we offer 1~2 free samples, you only need pay for shipping, and we will get you refund after order placed.

Get China's finnest compressed Sponges

3M has long stopped supplying raw materials, and 80% factories use materials from Asia and Europe. Why should you spend more?