Compressed Sponge

Compressed sponge, AKA pop up sponge, is made from ordinary natural wood pulp fiber. It is a special fabricated cellulose sponge product created after purification, drying and compression treatment.

Why use compressed sponge

The sponge was originally designed to reduce transportation costs and facilitate long-term storage, but now it is widely used in various industries and scenarios.

100% Bio Degradable Compressed Cellulose sponge Sheets

Uses Everywhere

Skin Care

Essential skin care for beauty salons, it can also be used for daily facial cleansing and care.


A more attractive and space-saving cleaning sponge treatment method.


Print or customize special shapes for brand or company promotion.


Extremely high temperature resistance help clean the soldering iron tip.

Education Art

Can be made to various styles used for education or design purpose.


The chemical-free sponge can be used to cultivate organisms in experimental institutions.

Compressed Cellulose Sponge Customizations

+/- 2 MM tolerance, fully pop up within 2 seconds, No Color Fading

Shape & Size

Custom made specifications meet your unique applications.


Print graphics or logo on the surface of the sponge.

Bio Cide Free

Produce sponge products without any chemical additives.

Private Label

Unlimited OEM customization solutions, works for sellers carrying a brand.

Lamination & Sewing

Bonded with other materials to expand more functions and usage scenarios.

Color Foaming

Directly produce specific colors if total volume is greater than 5CBM.

compressed sponge

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Compressed Sponge FAQs

We are the most professional supplier of compressed sponge sheets in China, and we cooperate with direct raw material producer to customize any styles or versions to you need.

The usable area of the cellulose sponge decreases after compressed . In addition, we need processing procedures. Even that, under the same order quantity, the compressed sponges is still lower than the moist when consider adding shipping.

Humectant removal treatment, drying or natural drying, compression and cutting.

The thickness after compression refers to the thickness of the finished product, and the thickness after soaking refers to the thickness you need to achieve.

The thickness before compression represents the thickness of the original semi-finished sponge sheet. Due to the loss of compression, 100% thickness cannot be guaranteed. If you need to achieve an accurate thickness after soaking in water, we need to use a sponge sheet larger than the thickness of soaking water to compress.

Biocide free need made seperately, please contact us for detail.

7~15 days for order under 200k pcs, include mould time.

Customized shapes need to be produced through molds, oversea suppliers need hundreds of dollars, we only need about 30 dollars, and after order is fully refunded.

Yes. we welcome and encourage to try our premium sponge , always we offer 1~2 free samples, you only need pay for shipping, and we will get you refund after order placed.

Please keep them in cold and dry condition, prevent from shinning, it’s easy to have them stored for 3 years at least.