Compressed Facial Sponges

  • Deeply clean skin dirt and remove makeup residue.
  • Generate rich foam with facial cleanser.
  • Natural made ingredients will not cause allergies.
  • Quickly dry out to prevent bacterial growth.

Trusted By millions of estheticians

Cellulose Sponge is widely used in the beauty and skin care industries. It is an essential daily disposable cleaning supplies for beauty estheticians. It is completely biodegradable, super absorbent, non-sticky oil, soft like a towel, and can penetrate deep into the pores to clean stains. Because it is a natural ingredient, it is not easy to cause allergies and is suitable for various skin types.

Bulk Cellulose Sponge For Face

Compressed Facial Sponges

Greatly reduce transportation costs, same feature as moist. Can be stored for a long time, a variety of packaging can be selected. It requires additional processing and at least one week.

Cellulose Facial Sponges

Moist Cellulose Facial Sponges

The most economic option works for most applications. Contains moisturizer, need wash out before first use. The delivery time is about 2 days, and the package must be sealed.

Compressed Facial Sponges Solutions

Our Natural & Disposable Spa sponges are PVA-free, pure wood pulp fiber made, completely biodegradable. We are pround that we have No Color Fading, Superb Soft & Flexible.

Shape and size

Proofing according to your drawings or samples, usually only takes 3 days.


Simple, customized packaging containing printed, plastic or paper.


Add your SPA logo, slogan on the facial sponges for promotion.

Color Customization

Produce unique color if order is more than 3 original blocks.( Rest 99% cannot do this)

Private Label

Easily compete with brands like Appearus, Prosana, Intrinsics etc.


Compression makes it possible to save space and thus reduce shipping costs.

Same Material As Most USA Sponge Manufacturers

Save 40% , 2 Times Faster Delivery

SPA Premium

Produced with the finnest raw materials in the industry, supply to professional SPA distrubutors.

Better Pore Sructure

Perfect balance between raw material mixing ratio and temperature, more uniform.

Tight Tolerances

The finished sponge product size tolerance can be controlled to +/- 2mm.

Unlimited Colors

Long Storage of White, Natural, Yellow, Light Green, Blue, Purple etc.

0 or small tooling

Free For stock/universal size/shape, Customized mould start $30. (refund after order)

Universal Packing

Unlimited packing labeling options such as polybag, shrink film, cardbox in less MOQs.

The Best sponge designed for
Deep Facial Cleansing & Body Skin Care.

If you are in the beauty or skin care industry, we are your best partner.

Compressed Facial Sponges FAQ

We are a direct manufacturer, we can make any size you need, include popular diameters of 5~10cm, compressed thickness 1mm~2mm. 

Absolutely yes, They are 100% safe for environment.

White, Natural, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, purple. We do accept custom color if you order reached 3 original blocks.

For shapes, please provide drawing, a mould fee may appy, but fully refund after order.

We will use well sealed polybag or shrink film to cover the sponges, and there are extra high quality export carton to load all the sponges.

We have no restrictions, regular sizes are available at any time. As long as you can pay 30 dollars for the mold fee, any quantity can be customized.

Yes. we welcome and encourage to try our premium sponge or foam products, always we offer 1~2 free samples, you only need pay for shipping, and we will get you refund after order placed.

Please keep them in cool and dry condition, prevent from shinning, it’s easy to have them stored for 3 years at least.