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FSIL supply you the most premium natural cellulose material made disposable pop up sponges in various colors, sizes.

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World Leading Raws

Finnest Wood Pulp

Low Cost

60% Price of Competitors

Free Tooling

0 Production Mould Charge

Fast Delivery

7~10 days

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After Seeing Too Many “professional ” factories Taking Advantage of People and Leading Them to Spend More or supply with Terrible Cellulose Products, We Knew We had to Do Something…

Cellulose Pore

Our Compressed Material DATAs VS Others

Industry Top 2 Raws

We serious concerns on quality, that’s why we source raw materials only from industry leaders.

Absorb 25 times weight

Thanks to its excellent pore structure, it can absorb water 25 + times its own weight. And does not stain oil.

+/- 2mm Tolerance

Our experienced compression manufacturing originates from the our early production of soldering sponges. Countable compress sponge producer in China.

Pop Up within 2s

Put the sponge in a water container larger than its size, and the compressed sponge will expand completely within 2 seconds. (Normally 1 second)

0 Discoloration

Excellent color fastness, not easy to discolor after soaking in water.

0 Processing Stains

Our dried sponges fewly has any rust during cutting or drying process.

Better Raw Materials works better for your project !

Find A Compressed Solution Fit You

Are you a SPA supplies distributor to work with Professional Estheticians ? Or a wholesaler dealing with Janitorial or Cosmetics ? Or you are looking for solution for specific applications, we got you covered.

Cellulose Sponge Manufacturer

Compressed Sponges For Face

All natural made bio degradable facial sponges, essentials for estheticians and day spa

  • Created For Effective Cleansing Works
  • 100% Positive Reviews from buyers & their customers
  • 7 Colors and Mix Color available.
  • Privitabe Label & Wholesale in small quantity.
  • Industry Fast Delivery.
  • Super gentle and dense.

Compressed Sheets

Foam Spirit supply compressed cellulose sheet from 850mm*850mm to cut to size small pieces. 

  • The original sheet supports vacuum bag packaging.
  • Bulk order with low moqs.
  • Accept color customization when order reaches 1*20GP container.
  • Biocide free Cellulose Sponges.
SPA Body Sponge
White Clinic imprinted sponge

Custom Printed Sponge

Cost effective and impressive promotion products,good way to display your company’s brand, contact information and activities.

  • SGS eco printing ink, excellent printing appearance, clear lines,
  • No additional printing screen charges. (Except proofing version)
  • No printing smears and stains.
  • Free artwork design If necessary.

Soldering Iron Sponge

Quickly Clean Your Soldering Iron Tip, Keep It Shiny And Easy To Solder

  • Extremely high temperature and flame retardant
  • Strong water absorption
  • Small or 0 tooling cost.
  • Fast Shipment.
Soldering Sponges
Cellulose Sponge Main

Art and Kids Craft Sponges

Children and artists use this sponge sheets to produce creative works that relative to art and education purpose.

  • Completely natural materials will not cause allergies.
  • Shaped Sponge are used as a painting tool for kids and artisit.
  • Excellent resistance to pull and breakage.
  • Fast Shipment.
Profit Estimator

How much can you make with our compressed sponges ?

Use this profit calculator to learn your potential profit !

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you make compressed sponges?

We will cut the original foam after preliminary treatment and put it in a special workshop to fix it for drying process. Then the dried sponges will be send to the compression process. In the end we will cut the large compressed sponge sheet into your request specifications thru a fixed mold.

Why should I use compressed version?

Shipping costs mainly calculated by 2 standards- actual weight & volume weight(L*W*H/6000). As sponges are light weighted but cost too much shipping space, forwarder charges thru volume weight.

After compressed, nothing changes on the cellulose sponge, but helps you save 50% ~70% courier cost.

What packing options do you have?

As the sponges need keep into a mild free environment we suggest use sealed bag for both wholesale customers or brands. For specific industrial, we offer vacuum packing on large sheets.

How can I order biocide free sponges?

Please contact our sales for any lab or medical applications. Foam Spirit could produce pure cellulose block with no other components added.

Can I make any shape and print?

It is theoretically possible. However, we recommend that the color use on a single sponge better under two. Too many colors require us to repeat the printing process twice or even more, which may lead to unsatisfactory printing results. We do not have requirement on the shapes.

Will the print come off?

The imprinted artwok will not fade while in the dry condition, but after soaking in water, As the pores begin to expand and stretch, the imprint ink will begin to fall off after use.

Our Happy Clients!

Very impressive sevice and fast delivery ! Well done guys ! Keep on going !

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Martin Smith

CEO, Industry

We are a starting up company doing online bussiness, they shared many good advice on packing. We received 100% positive reviews so far.

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Shelly Barns

CEO, Brand Owner

It’s the 3Rd year we work with Foam Spirit, Definitely the best cellulose sponges we could source from China, our clients love their quality !

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Jacob Luke

Purchase, Distributor

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