What are compressed sponges for ( 6 effective uses )

You may have had some brief knowledge of compressed sponges, or may even have tried one of the applications. For example, the use of compressed sponges for facial cleansing, compressed sponges for kitchen cleaning, compressed sponges for soldering etc. Do you know there’ s more usages what are compressed sponges for ?

Compressed Sponges Service

It’s key to understand that compressed sponge is cellulose sponge after it’s been dried and compressed, and it inherits all its properties.

Have you ever wondered what compressed sponges are used for?

We’re going to take you through all the compressed cellulose sponge application scenarios.


What are the reasons for compressing cellulose sponges?

Compressed cellulose sponges were used to reduce the high shipping costs associated with large volumes of foam, because they can be made up to 1mm thick (thicker than paper) and expand to their original size after 2 seconds in water.

The quality of the compressed cellulose sponges does not change, but a great deal of transportation costs can be saved.

Sponge’s freight is based on volume

90% of logistics companies charge sponges by volume weight (volume/6000 or volume/5000) rather than by weight calculation for traditional or highly refined goods.

In order to maximize profits, logistics providers prefer to ship multiple shipments of electronic products rather than an entire container or cabin filled with one shipper’s cargo, even though sponge products are much lighter.

Sponge cargo has a low value

80% of sponges are relatively cheap when compared to most commodities. Shipping costs can account for as much as 30% of the cost of foam products.

You must use compression services if you wish to ship cellulose sponge products in bulk and guarantee your profit margin.

What are compressed sponges for?

In the next section, we’ll explore its 6 most common applications, but it can do a great deal more.

1. Facial cleansing and skin care

Among the disposable sponges, compressed sponges are the best choice of the esthetician. Not only are they soft, but their pore structure aids in removing dirt and stains quickly and effectively. Due to its oil repellency, it also works well in oily environments.

In addition, it can be thrown away at will without harming the environment, which is not possible with compressed PVA sponges.

The product is so successful that some companies have expanded it from professional facial sponges to retail, with a number of brands and companies customizing their own cellulose facial sponge products and selling them directly to the public. It has a high reorder rate with positive feedback.

In addition to the traditional round, square, oval, and heart shapes, Foam Spirit offers both non-labeled and private label facial sponges, and we offer compressed facial sponges in seven colors from our regular inventory, and we can customize any look you need.

2. Cleaning

We cannot find a second cleaning sponge that can be compressed and returned to its original shape. Essentially, compressed sponges are a revolution in cleaning or an upgraded version of the traditional cellulose sponge. It is the ideal solution for transporting, storing, and giving birth to a unique selling point that will bring joy to your kitchen, car, and bathroom cleaning.

Foam Spirit provides compressed kitchen sponge manufacturing services in individual and mixed packs, using a variety of composite and lamination processes. We help you acquire market share quickly.

3. Body 

Compressed sponges can be used directly on the body, including the following applications:
After soaking in water, compressed sponges become as soft as towels and can be used with body wash to create a lather that easily removes body stains. The process of using it promotes blood circulation and plays a role in health and wellness. Even babies can take a bath with it, since it is a natural and skin-friendly product.
With cellulose sponges’ excellent ability to absorb water, athletes such as marathon runners can carry a compressed sponge to absorb body sweat and reuse it to reduce fatigue.
Outdoor sports require a compressed sponges tourniquet for hemostasis.

4. Art and Craft Applications

The cellulose sponge is ideally suited for applying and mixing chalk and charcoal to create a wide range of effects, marks, and gestures when painting. Potters rely on them to control the amount of water in the clay and to smooth rough areas. Clean-up work also requires sponges, and each studio should have a few sets on hand.

In literature and education, children also enjoy cutting compressed sponges into various shapes for enjoyment.

Foam Spirit makes large sheets of compressed sponges for use in your studio or school, or we can produce finished foam for direct retail sales.

5. Promotion & Advertising

Promotional items and advertising can benefit greatly from printed compression sponges. In addition to being effective in delivering your promotional message and brand to your target audience, they are also a product that combines environmental friendliness with novelty.

How about making business cards from compressed sponges? Your customers would be amazed at how quickly and suddenly it expands after soaking in water, and be impressed by your collateral. In contrast, paper, hardware, and plastic promotional products are cold promotional materials with little fun.

Advertising and promotional sponges are awesome because throwing them away doesn’t cause any environmental damage. Because it is biodegradable and compostable within 4 months.

Foam Spirit can print your logo and design directly from your artwork, and we can produce them in multiple sizes and finishes. With water-based inks, our products are 100% environmentally friendly.

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What are compressed sponges for? Compressed sponges can be used for multiple applications, such as facial cleansing, household cleaning, skin care, promotional etc.

Here you will find all effective way you could do with compressed sponges, probably the most complete information available on the web.

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