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Fully customizable processing techniques of Compressed Sponges

FSIL supply you the most premium natural cellulose material made disposable pop up sponges in various colors, sizes.

Miracle Sponge

ordinary compress

For Regular facial cleansng, craft, skin care, basic industrial application.


Print your brand's logo or promotion directly on the sponges, or even you can make a sponge bussiness card.

Biocide Free

Finished sponges without humectants or preservatives, used as consumables for bacterial culture or testing.

pop up sponges

Our largest compressed sheet is 85cm (L) *85cm (W), which means we have solutions for most of your request.

  • Our pop up sponges are made of high-grade raw materials in the industry, With good pore structure and stronger toughness.
  • Sponge expands rapidly to its original shape in 1-2 seconds when soak into water, with deformation ratio less than 5%
  • Replace cutting moulds monthly, processing under dust free work tables, ensure finished compressed cellulose fewly has stains or impurity.
  • We deliver bulk sponges 2 times faster than ANY suppliers you met, and we have our foaming plant.

Our Product Catalog

Multiple models, multiple sizes.

Common Faq

most question ask

We will cut the original foam after preliminary treatment and put it in a special workshop to fix it for drying process. Then the dried sponges will be send to the compression process. In the end we will cut the large compressed sponge sheet into your request specifications thru a fixed mold.

As the sponges need keep into a mild free environment we suggest use sealed bag for both wholesale customers or brands. For specific industrial, we offer vacuum packing on large sheets.

MOQ: We calculate the moq based on the volume use of the sponges, please let us know the sizes you need, our sales will suggest you an affordable moq on your project.

Samples:We will provide free stock samples in similar specification for quality check. Mass production level  samples require a tooling cost, which will be refund you after order placed.

Leadtime: We deliver compressed sponges faster than 90% competitors.

Shipping costs mainly calculated by 2 standards- actual weight & volume weight(L*W*H/6000). As sponges are light weighted but cost too much shipping space, forwarder charges thru volume weight.

After compressed,  nothing changes on the cellulose sponge, but helps you save  50% ~70% courier cost.

Please contact our sales for any lab or medical applications. Foam Spirit could produce pure cellulose block with no other components added.

Private Label Cellulose Facial sponges

Private Label & Wholesale

You can choose to use ordinary sealed bags, cardboard boxes, outer cartons to protect your products or showcase your brand.

Compressed Sponges 1


You may have a special shape design, or you need to use different sizes and colors to distinguish from competitors, Foam Spirit will do it for you.

Compressed Sponges Inquiry

Contact us if you want to develop a new design