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Cellulose Sponge For Face

Cleansing your face can be frustrating when you use a facial sponge that is not comfy and doesn’t work as expected, unlike our sponge that amazingly removes dirt and bacteria on face while exfoliating your skin.

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Moist Facial Sponges

Biodegradable sponges with moisturizer added, removes makeup, cleanse dirt, dust and bacteria on face while leaving the skin supple and glowing.

Compressed Sponges

Moisturizer-free and made by natural sun drying and compression processes, it is a more volume-saving and fun solution.

Body Sponges

Disposable for removing excess product during body treatments. Great choice for those who don’t have a lot of room to store professional body care supplies.

biodegradable facial sponges

All natural made bio degradable facial sponges, essentials for estheticians and day spas.

  • SPA-grade that is used in many spas and other luxury facial treatments.
  • 100% Pure Wood Pulp fiber made, fully degradable.
  • Super absorbent, gengle and durable to use.
  • The Sponge is 100% free from phosphor, fragrance, and paraben. SAFE for any skin type. 

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Multiple models, multiple sizes.

Common Faq

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As a company that integrates raw material production and processing, we can make any size and color according to your requirements. Generally, the MAX length and width of our wet state is 1.02m * 1.02m, and the MAX length and width of compressed sheet is 0.85m * 0.85m. You can also request our list of quotes to select regular inventory options.We currently have up to 7 colors for you to choose from.

We provide a variety of packaging solutions for different customer types. For brand-type buyers, we provide customized packaging with low MOQ. For wholesalers or ordinary SPA customers, we have affordable universal packaging.

MOQ: We generally do not set MOQ unless you need any custom packaging, and that MOQ is only required by packaging manufacturers for start their machine. Samples: We will provide 2 ~ 3 stock samples for you to evaluate the quality, please refer to the sample page for specific sample related policies or delivery date. Leadtime: Non-compressed sponge takes about 3 working days, and compressed takes 7-15 working days (all data are based on 50,000 pieces). Cellulose Facial sponges bulk order production time also effected by the complexity of your packagings.

Shipping costs generally depend on your country or region and are also related to the transportation method you choose. For specific details on shipping costs and time, you can communicate with our sales or visit our shipping page.

Private Label Cellulose Facial sponges

Private Label & Wholesale

You can choose to use ordinary sealed bags, cardboard boxes, outer cartons to protect your products or showcase your brand.

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You may have a special shape design, or you need to use different sizes and colors to distinguish from competitors, Foam Spirit will do it for you.

Custom Inquiry

Contact us if you want to develop a new design