Custom Cellulose Sponge Manufacturer

Natural Power. For unlimited applications

Better pore structure, better durability, stronger water absorption, completely natural degradation.

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For every industry you may use cellulose.

Cellulose Sponge For Face
  • Cellulose Sponge For Face

Use for deep facial cleansing and body care. Uses as an irreplacable disposable SPA supplies for every SPA esthetician worldwide since the day the  material was born.

pink kitchen cellulose sponge
  • Kitchen Sponge

Multi-color degradable sponge. With its antibacterial properties, natural composition and super absorbent, an indispensable cleaning tool for daily use.

Compressed Sponges
  • Compressed Sponges

Customizations for promotion, soldering, marine, imprint industry. 2 times faster leadtime. We do also supply Bio Cide Free versions for medical or lab.

Custom Printed Sponge
  • Custom Printed Sponge

Print your company information or logo and make the sponge directly into the shape you want, which makes you more attractive to your customers.

Soldering Sponge
  • Soldering Sponge

Use for wiping off residual tin and oxides on the tip of the soldering iron, Foam Spirit now supply 70% of China Local soldering station sponge market.

  • Sponge Sheet
Cellulose Pore

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one of the few one-stop solution providers in China that offer deep and custom processing. 

  • Each piece of our raw materials are original from 0 polluted farms in North America and Europe, and innovated by the technologies from industry top leader.
  • Full range of best-in-class manufacturing process techniques.Produce cellulose sponges with tight tolerances( Max +/-2mm) everyday.
  • 60% price of international competitors. 2 times faster delivery no tooling costs.Unlimited private label options no MOQs.
  • Contains no harmful substances and plastic ingredients (PVA) No discoloration after soaking in water. (60 seconds) No obvious impurities or mottled appearance

Not only a producer

expert in the area.

Custom Cellulose Sponge Manufacturer

Foam Spirit gives you the Highest performance cellulose sponges from China, not only supply to distributors and brands, as well as to sponge factories in North America.

You could find our labeled cellulose sponges in your local famous supermarkets, grocery stores, drug stores, cosmetic shop, SPAs and even on Amazon.

Custom Foaming

Custom manufacturing based on your specification; Change Color, Pore Structurer, Hardness, Density, Flexiblity etc.


Cut/Diecut, Lamination, Compress, Imprint and other processes you may think on your projects.

Biocide Free

Producing foam without preservatives or humectants added, or wash out chemical inside the finished sponges.

Private Label

Provide custom labeling & packaging for distributor or brand ; Offer generic packaging with low MOQs for wholesale customers.

Best Custom Cellulose Sponge Manufacturer In China

Same Quality as made in the United States. Only Half the price!