The Highest Quality Cellulose Sponge Material Produced in China Ever

Better pore structure, better water absorption, stronger toughness, and the highest purity of wood pulp.

Cellulose sponge sometimes also called wood pulp sponge, is a fully natural bio degradable cleaning material. It is environmentally friendly and best replacement for chemical made sponges like PU, PVA sponge and other cleaning materials. It is used in industries like:  printing mold making, food and beverage, Electronics assembly, photography, beauty and skincare, metal anti-rust, dust free workshop, moisturizing packaging, medical, safety assembly, home, automobile, ceramic, construction, leakproof packaging , empty Dehumidification of the air press, emergency drying of the court, etc. Moreover, with the gradual enhancement of people’s environmental awareness and the gradual improvement of living standards, Natural Cellulose Sponge has been widely used in many fields around the world.



Our formula technology is sourced from 3M and is one of the few one-stop solution providers in China that offer deep and custom processing.   

Foaming Customization

  • Standard
  • Customized Color
  • Bio Cide Free
  • Hardness/ Pore Structure


  • Cut/ Die Cut
  • Compression
  • Lamination / Coating
  • Private Label / Vacuum Packaging

Cellulose Sponges For Face

Cellulose Sponges 1

starting $0.1/Piece

Use for deep facial cleansing and body care. Uses as an irreplacable disposable SPA supplies for every SPA esthetician worldwide since the day the cellulose material was born.

Dish /Kitchen Cleaning

Cellulose Sponges 2

Starting $0.2/Piece

Multi-color degradable sponge. With its antibacterial properties, natural composition and super absorbent, an indispensable cleaning tool for daily use.

Compressed Sponge/ Imprinted

Cellulose Sponges 3

Starting $0.15/Piece

Customizations for promotion, soldering, marine, imprint industry. 2 times faster leadtime. We do also supply Bio Cide Free versions for medical or lab.


Highest performance cellulose sponges from China, not only supply to distributors and brands, as well as to sponge factories in North America.

Global Sourced Material

You deserve a better quality. Each piece of our raw materials are original from 0 polluted farms in North America and Europe, and innovated by the technologies from industry top leader.

Universal Solutions

Whether you are from industries like FMCG, cleaning, beauty, electronics, printing, or you are a brand, wholesale distributor, retailer. We always provide you with the most comprehensive and competitive solution.

Top Capacity

Full range of best-in-class manufacturing process techniques.Produce cellulose sponges with tight tolerances( Max +/-2mm) everyday.

Cellulose Sponges 4

Unbeatable Offer

60% price of international competitors. 2 times faster delivery no tooling costs. Unlimited private label options no MOQs.

Lab Standard

Our pure and natural sponges which is produced with very tight tolerances are even used in labs for scientists, they are able to challenge the most extremely applications.

Top Brands' Choice

You could find our labeled cellulose sponges in your local famous supermarkets, grocery stores, drug stores, cosmetic shop, SPAs and even on Amazon.

FSSL VS Other Competitors

We ensure that each piece we produced is top quality , we invite you to compare or test our cellulose sponges with any competitors.

Super Absorb & No Color Fading

1.5 times more absorb and no color fading, finest pores on surface.

REAL Natural & Degradable

Real degradable and baby safe,certified ISO 9001 factory dust free workshop.

Durable & Flexible

2 times more durable and flexible.No harsh chemical, 0 recycled components.

Top Cellulose Sponge Features to Consider Before Buying

  • Pore structure: This is the most direct way to observe the quality from the appearance. The pore structure of cellulose sponge in good quality is compact and small, and the surface with poor quality has obvious apertures of different sizes. This is related to foaming technology.
  • Colour: Another way to observe quality from appearance. Unlike other sponge products, the original color of wood pulp sponge is similar to yellow, any new colors are dyed.(Even for white)  Soak sponge in clear water for 1 minute to see if the water is discolored. The discoloration of poor quality one is very obvious.
  • Density and Tension Resistance: Place the sponge flat on the table and press it with your finger to test whether it feels thick or not. Sponge can be repeatedly grasped in the palm to see if there is elasticity. Horizontal pull to see if it will break easily. (Of course, this is only on the premise that similar products have the same size of force)
  • Friction test: Use finger pulp to wipe on the surface of sponge quickly to see if there is enough friction coefficient. Good wood pulp sponge friction coefficient will be larger. (It is not excluded that some suppliers may add plastic ingredients to it).

Our clients

Driving technology for leading brands
Cellulose Sponges 5
Cellulose Sponges 6
Cellulose Sponges 7
Cellulose Sponges 8
Cellulose Sponges 9

Best Custom Cellulose Sponge Manufacturer In China

After you have our samples you will find that our materials are the same as what you found in the United States. But the price is only half!

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