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Cellulose Sponge for Face

Foam Spirit helps you get the world best cellulose sponges with a small cost, We deliver cellulose sponges bulk orders and enable to custom made your unique SPA Facial Sponges .

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Why Foam Spirit Facial Sponges

100% Positive Reviews from buyers & their customers

Go with Best raws on earth, stable inventory

Large Production Capacity , Shorter Leadtime

No Competitors at the same quality level

All the features you need:

Moist Sponges

White Compressed Facial Sponge Wholesale


Our Natural & Disposable Spa sponges are PVA-free, pure wood pulp fiber made, completely biodegradable.

Superb Soft & Flexible

No one wants to use a sponge that is as rough as a scouring pad for facial cleansing. Our sponges are soft like towels.

Better Pore Sructure

Ever seen too many sponges with messy pores in different sizes? Things will never happen here.

No Color Fading

Our color fastness is high enough not to discolor after a few uses. And we have up to 7 colors For you to choose from.

SPA Premium

We are pround to say our cellulose sponges material using is the the toppest in the industry, supply to professional SPA distrubutors.


Yellow rust or unknown black stains? Lucky now you find Foam Spirit, we always free maintain your mass production molds. 

Tight Tolerances

Our advanced equipment and professional production technology ensure that the product size tolerance can be controlled to +/- 2mm.

Industry Leading Delivery

No need wait 20+ days as sponge manufacturers USA do, we send compressed facial sponges in 10 days, moist cellulose sponges bulk 3~5 days

Best Branding Supplier

Easily compete with brands like Appearus, Prosana, Intrinsics. We are better than them and you could make more profits !

Generic Packing for Wholesale

Unlimited packing labeling options such as polybag, shrink film, cardbox in less MOQs.

As Thin As 0.2 mm

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Compressed Facial Sponges

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Maybe the most experienced Chinese manufacturer dealing with compressed sponges.

If you run a SPA and salon bussiness you SHOULD NOT miss our premium ultra soft blender sponges, DOW’s material identical to Original Brands.

Beauty Blender Manufacturer

Why we are better ?

We have the largest inventory and will deliver the products to you 2 times faster than others .

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