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FISL supply you ONLY the TOPPEST latex Free makeup sponges with the closest formula to top brands like Original Beauty Blender, Real Technique, and are one of the FEW suppliers in China that use Dow Chemicals’ Materials.

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After Seeing Too Many “professional ” factories Taking Advantage of People and Leading Them to Spend More or supply with Terrible Blender Products, We Knew We had to Do Something…

Featured Blender Sponges

Always Leading The Innovations.

Original Blender

All the foundation sponge models you could find on market, we have 3 softness for you to choose.

Microfiber Coating

Trending technique like what Juno Co blender is using, we could add microfiber on either style.

Mini Blenders

Small but useful, small number of suppliers who can make mini blenders.

Why You Should Go With Our Premium Blender Sponges ?

Identical To Top Brand

98% positive review from our buyers, in fact we do supply to some giants.

Super Bounce

Yes, rebound immediately (wet or day), you can't get such feature elsewhere.

1 of the 3

One of the countable 3 suppliers in China using Premium USA raw material.

Super Soft

3 types of regular hardness to choose from, and the touchness is excellent!

Finnest Pore

Best pore sturcture in industry, means saves more your cosmetics.

Long Last Shape

Does not deform severely after a few uses.

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Just started your cosmetic brand and looking for private label in small quantity ? You need produce some new models and have a big plan ?

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Starter Plan

Low Cost Private Label solution

300 pcs to start

Use our stock sponges, mix color/shape orders available.

Simple Labeling

Use neutral or transparent packaging with stickers.

Import Assit

A sales guides you through every step for import.You get a turnkey business ready to bring in profit

Custom Cellulose Sponge

Create Your Own Specificed models

2500PCS for new verson

Give the best / largest size according to your budget.

360 Customization

Custom every attributes for a Premium Blender Sponges.

Unlimited Packing

Plastic Tube/box, cardbox, plastic insert, imprinted start from 2500 pcs.


Microfiber or sparkling powder on the sponge surface.


Fast transfer your drawing to ending product.

Logo Carving

A special way to show your brand logo on sponges.


Screen Imprint your drawings on surface.

Our Happy Clients!

A supplier that have the most similar feature with the original , and we love their sponges.

Beauty Blender 1


Beauty Brand Owner

Don’t hesitate anymore, these are superb gentle and bounce ! Our customers love them !!!

Beauty Blender 2


CEO, Brand Owner

One of the best blenders on market, we got many positive reviews, they deliver fast and guaranteed.

Beauty Blender 3


Amazon Best Seller

According to statistics, about 20% of the users of latex powder puff have skin allergies.Therefore, no matter from the environmental requirements or the actual use effect of users, choosing non-latex materials is the best solution in the current market.

Natural Latex Blender Sponge :

  • Usually harmful to human body.
  • Have latex smell, and it will remain on the face.
  • Short life time.
  • Fall off when it comes to oily cosmetics.
  • Very serious debris dropping during use.

Chemical Synthetic Latex Collagen Blender Sponge:

  • Most harmful. More toxic in the production process and emits more toxic gases.
  • Have latex smell, and it will remain on the face.
  • Fall off when it comes to oily cosmetics.
  • The finished powder puff produced  contain a certain amount of toxicity more or less. 
  • Fewer debris in use than natural latex blender, but the problem of debris removal can not be solved. 

Latex Free Blender Sponge (Ours)

  • Latex Free. No negative effect on human body.
  • Containing vitamin E, vitamin E is a nutrient needed by the human body, which will play a cosmetic role after skin absorption. 
  • Don’t drop debris. Generally speaking, latex powder puff will drop debris during use.
  • No Harsh Smell. No latex smell on the face after use.
  • Eco and degradable. After a long time in the ground, it will turn into soil.
  • Good oil control and does not damage the outer layer of skin to protect the oil film when applying makeup.
  • Easy to clean, the pores will become bigger in the cleaning process. After cleaning the dirty things, the sponge will return to its original shape after drying.
  • Skin-friendly, hydrophilic material to make it suitable for anyone’s skin, after use will not be allergic;

Since 2012, Latex Free Blender Sponges, also known as polyurethane blender, have gradually become a new trend in the development of the makeup industry. Puff made of latex free is using an international advanced polymer technology, has no odor, and greatly reduces the chance of allergies, and the biggest feature is pop up to a larger size after soaking into water water ( 1.5-2 times the original size) .

Frequently Asked Questions

Manufact and wholsale Orders

Do they pop up? Latex Free?

Absolutely yes, the blender sponges could pop double of dry size after wet, the raw materials are 100% safe for all skins.

I want to develop a new shape, can you do that?

For shapes, please provide drawings, for softness please send us the samples. we will do 99% near.

I got your current stock samples, I need different softness, color for production.

Please contact our sales to check if there are any stock specifications/raw materials, otherwise you may consider start make new foaming process with a MOQ of 3k pcs.

How's the beauty blender produce process?

Raw material foaming-die cut/modeling-Polish-Packing.

What's your MOQ and leadtime ?

200 PCS for stock sponges, for any new customize style we may require 3k to start, leadtime is 7 days around.

How you pack the sponges before shipping?

We will use well sealed polybag to cover the sponges, and there are extra high quality export carton to load all the sponges.

Can I have a sample to make a test?

Yes. we welcome and encourage to try our premium sponge or foam products, always we offer 1~2 free samples, you only need pay for shipping, and we will get you refund after order placed

How long could we keep the beauty blenders?

Please keep them in cold and dry condition, prevent from shinning, it’s easy to have them stored for 3 years at least.

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