About Foam Spirit

Deliver qualified foam products for industrial and consumer markets.

Passion: The development of Foam Spirit is like its name, ” Spirit in Foam”. We were similar to many small and medium-sized enterprises, start our business with PU foam trade and basic fabrication (3 office staffs, 5 workshop workers), through continuous exploration and overcoming difficulties at different stages. We are now one of the industry leaders with two branch factories in China, along with nearly 100 employees.

Innovation: In the past decade, With a continuously optimized foam product line, improved supply chain, and advanced foam technology. We can provide our global customer latest foam solutions.

Reliability: Provide reliable foam solution is planted in our day-to-day operations, and It guides how we treat each other, our customers, and how we tackle our work.


Brief history of Foam Spirit


Company Established

Trading & Basic Fabrications of Polyurethane Foam


Custm Packing Foam & Small Batch OEM

Supply to domestic market packing foam; Fabrications of 3M Cellulose Sponge And German BASF Melamine Foam


Molded PU Foam Production

Start Injection Molded Memory Foam (Polyurethane Foam) Production


Sales Growth In North America

Supply to Australian Woolsworth & Coles, AMZ Top Sellers, Ottawa Public Transport System


Cellulose Sponge Manufacturing

China’s Best in Class Cellulose Sponge Full Process Fabrication Manufacturing


Growth In Western Europe

Supply Cleaning sponges to German Aldi and UK Costcutter


Start Makeup Sponges

Import Dows Raw material for latex free (Polyurethane foam) production; Using finnest Chinese raw material for konjac sponge


Branch Company

2 export sales team for better customer service, and lower production costs.


Diversified Operation

Began to involve businesses other than foam and provide customers with more solutions

People Who Love Our Sponges

Years of OEM and processing services to global well known brands and chain stores .

Customers reviews

I am really satisfied with Foam Spirit. They really saves our time and effort, a big help in offering a good custom foam solution for our business.
Jerzy L
Foam Spirit is worth much more than I paid. Nice work with them. They offered exactly what I've been looking for. You won't regret it.
Sela W
Foam Spirit is way much better than most Chinese sponge suppliers, they impressed me on multiple level! Keep up the excellent work!
Marabel I

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