How to test or compare cellulose sponges quality?

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A:You could make some little tests on cellulose sponge as below:

  • Touch and press: A good cellulose sponge is gently soft and dense enough, you may feel it’s thick. But when you touch a bad quality one, with little pressure, you would feel the sponge like a thin paper, easily feel the bottom surface under the sponge.
  • Smell: A strong bad chemical smells would common found in bad cellulose sponges.
  • Fading resistance: Test with clear water, sink the sponges into the bottle and then check if the colors of water changes. Or you could use sponges wiping on a white paper, to check if the paper gots some colors.
  • Appearance: The air holes or cells arranged regularly on a good quality Cellulose Sponge, and there’s no impurity substance on it. A bad one not.
  • Compressed Cellulose Sponge: Check if the pop-up sponge returned to its original shape and size.
  • Absorbing of water: Good cellulose sponges hold more water.
  • Durable to use: A good cellulose sponge has a longer time than poor quality cellulose sponges, at least 3~ 5 times.
  • Chemical: Bad cellulose sponges using cheap catalyst, the components have never been tested in a lab or audited by any 3rd party. They are NON CELLULOSE SPONGES but only holds the name. Do you want to use a poisoned sponge in your home or clean your face and body, and then discard let them harm our environment?
  • Not as clean as you see: There are many Cellulose Sponge Manufacturers who have the very very poor producing environment. From raw materials to finished blocks, all the goods are put on a dirty wet floor, they never clean their machines for couples of months.
  • Not so economic as you expected: Maybe you are happy as you bought with a low price, but once you start using the cellulose sponges, they start to crack in a very short time, maybe 2~3 days only.

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