Melamine Foam - Foam Spirit Industrial Limited

Try the Latest 3rd Generation Magic Eraser Sponges !

2× Denser,

3× Durable to use Never breaks,

Same Production Technique as MR Clean.

Why We Are Different

Higher Density

Innovate & Patent holded for 9D density, higher than any competitors in China,Same Production Technique as MR Clean .

Grade A Raw Material

Designed only for household cleaning,Imported ingredients, Absorb 150 times water than its weight.

Super Durable

Our sponges will not easily cracks, No more complains from your buyers like the rest 90% manufacturer get.


Min. Trial Order Starts From As Low As US$200, we support all type business, with quality guarantee

280+ Projects


  • Customize Size/shape
  • High Frequency Compress
  • Embossed Pattern Surface
  • Laminate with unlimited material
  • Private Labeling 

Wet - Squeeze - Erase - Clean

Melamine Foam 1

Serving to cleaning companies & Amazon Best Sellers

Soft from the appearance, Powered and Hard Glass alike cells easily absorb & remove the “unremovable” stains in few seconds. It suitable as a cleaning foam for removing dirt and grime from various surfaces e.g. glass surfaces, ceramic oven tops, wall and floor tiles, doors, car and bicycle wheel rims etc.

Leave No Room For Dirty, A Powerful Clean With Water Only

Best results are achieved if the foam is slightly moistened with water, no detergents or proprietary cleaning agents are required.

Melamine Foam 2

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